50 Wellness Gifts for Anyone Who Could Use Some Self-Care

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Written By Rivera Claudia

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Giving someone a present that supports their well-being can be a super meaningful way to show how much you care. As editors who write about physical and mental health, we love keeping up with the best wellness essentials on the market—so we happen to know which ones also make for great gifts. Perhaps you’d like to treat your partner to a DIY spa day or make their daily rituals a little more luxurious. Maybe you’re trying to help your friend finally start that journaling practice they keep talking about, improve their sleep, or carve out some space in their day for me-time. In any case, we’ve assembled the best wellness gifts from brands like Therabody, Maude, Lululemon, and Brooklinen. These relaxing skin care products, fitness tools, soothing bedtime accessories, sex toys, and more, are ideal for any loved one who prioritizes health and happiness (or wants to start).

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