Anine Bing on Her Work Uniform and the Book Every Creative Needs to Read

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Written By Paklay Zablay

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Creativity comes in many forms for Anine Bing. She may be known for her ultrapopular clothing label, but she actually got her start in a band—and music is finding its way back into her life more than a decade later.

“Before my clothing brand, I was in a band called Kill Your Darlings,” Bing tells Glamour. “I haven’t made music for all these years because I’ve been busy building the company. But this past year I started writing music again, and it’s kind of been my therapy and my little joy to do on the side. Another creative outlet for me.”

Music may have taken a back seat to fashion for Bing, but it’s always been present in her namesake clothing line. The Denmark-born designer launched Anine Bing in 2012, focusing on small collections that blended sharp Scandi sensibility with the edge of an LA rocker. And while her pieces—from tailored blazers to logo sweatshirts—are highly coveted on their own, her personal style and home life in Montecito, California, are equally aspirational. Case in point: Anine Bing, the person, has double the Instagram following of Anine Bing, the brand. Then there’s TikTok, where the hashtag #aninebing has amassed more than 42 million views.

Now the designer is expanding her empire as the first global Scandi brand advisor to Danish skin care brand Ole Henriksen, whose products she’s used for decades.

“When I moved to Los Angeles 20 years ago, I remember getting my first facial at Ole Henriksen’s spa, and it was such a magical experience. And ever since then I’ve been using his products,” she says.

Bing is loyal to her skin care routine, as she is to her wardrobe and more of her daily habits. In the latest installment of Glamour’s Doing the Work series, Bing opens up about her daily routine—from her busy mornings to her sauna-filled evenings—plus her work uniform.

Glamour: What’s your typical morning routine like?

Anine Bing: Gosh, I wish it was, like, meditation. But I get ready really quick, take a shower, get ready, get the kids ready for school, lunch boxes. I check my phone, which I probably shouldn’t do that early in the morning, to see what came in from Europe and New York while I was sleeping. It’s often pretty busy mornings.


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