Between university and employment: health insurance, semester ticket, student loan – this is important

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Students are usually covered by statutory health and long-term care insurance for their families until the age of 25. This means that you are insured by your parents and do not have to pay your own contributions. From your 25th birthday they are in the student insurance. Contributions vary between 120 and 140 euros per month.

After completing your studies, you will remain on family insurance or student insurance for as long as you are enrolled – that is, until the end of the semester at the latest. There are the following options for the gap between starting a career or completing a master’s degree:

– If you are under 23, you will continue to have family insurance and will not have to pay any contributions.

– If you receive money from the citizen, the employment center will cover the contributions.

– If the first two points are not met, you must take out voluntary insurance.

Important: If you are a student of private health insurance You cannot switch to statutory health insurance until you start working. This is only possible if you receive unemployment benefits and the employment agency covers your contributions.

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