Bluetooth headphones tested: the best wireless headphones

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Not every Bluetooth headset is suitable for everyone. One sounds great, the other stays in your ear better while running. Some models shine with long battery life, others as a home office headset. You can find your personal test winner using our database. In addition to current test results, it contains important features such as the type of water protection or the number of earplugs included.

New in the continually updated headphone comparison from Stiftung Warentest 8 current Bluetooth headphones. Totally modern: open ears like these Bose Ultra Open Headphones – they are small like the in-ear ones, but they are not in the ear canal, but in front of it. Our test results show whether Bose’s sound and wearing comfort are convincing.

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Why the Bluetooth Headphone Test Is Worth It for You

Test results

Here you will find all Bluetooth headphones tested by Stiftung Warentest since 2020 – with prices, test results and feature information. Current are 245 headphones available. This includes headphones such as Apple AirPods and Samsung Galaxy Buds, as well as headphones from JBL, Teufel, Sennheiser, and many other vendors.

Buying advice

Some look for sonic miracles, others look for battery winners or bargains. In the free section of our headphones test, we explain which type of Bluetooth headphones are ideal for your intended use.

The best headphones for you

You can filter the database according to your needs and compare multiple devices directly. Find your personal test winner here.

Magazine article in PDF

Once unlocked you will receive them all Headphones magazine article from our magazine test since 2020.

Bluetooth headphones in testing
Test results for 329 Bluetooth headphones


Wireless headphones tested

All Bluetooth headphones in the test connect wirelessly to any suitable source, regardless of smartphone, television, Journal or Hi-Fi – it just needs to have Bluetooth on it. You can choose between large over-ear headphones, small in-ear headphones, and bone conduction headphones:

  • Headband headphones They are available as in-ear and supra-auricular, supra-aural and circumaural. They offer long battery life and a comfortable fit. Disadvantage: Your ears sweat quickly under the thick pads and only a few are suitable for sports.
  • In-Ear Headphones They often remain securely in the ear even during strong movements, such as while running. Small ones are ideal for travel, but they have shorter battery life than headband headphones.
  • Bone conduction headphones they are special, they transmit sound through the bones of the skull, the ears remain free. Advantage: No pressure on the ear canal, no isolation, users can be contacted at any time.

Tip: You can even before activation all models tested to see. Features are also visible upfront when you click on a specific device.

Noise reduction, battery life and more

Are you looking for headphones that not only sound good but also suit you? The following criteria will help you make a purchasing decision. After activation, you can easily filter devices in the database.

  • Noise reduction. If you want peace and quiet on the train, plane or home office, choose headphones active noise cancellation, Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). Our comparison shows: Many ANC headphones effectively block out ambient noise. But: Noise reduction drains the battery and is expensive for most people Noise-canceling headphones tested It costs more than 100 euros.
  • Home Office. We test which headphones have good voice quality and are therefore suitable as headphones for telephone or video conferencing. There are big differences between devices. All wireless Bluetooth headphones tested have a built-in microphone and function as a hands-free device.
  • Battery life. In-Ear and In-Ear Headphones they last longer – some for more than 60 hours. Operating times sometimes vary greatly; other models run out of power in less than three hours. Our database contains several recommended Bluetooth headphones with very good batteries.
  • pollutants. Pay attention to our pollutant classification, not all headphones are harmless in this regard. We occasionally find it in earplugs, ear cushions and headbands. pollutantswhich are considered carcinogenic.
  • Price. Are you looking for good Bluetooth headphones that cost little? In our database you will find the cheapest good headphones from 30 euros.

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