Celebrities With Breast Cancer: 19 Celebrities Whose Lives Have Been Touched by Breast Cancer

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Written By Paklay Zablay

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Even for people who haven’t been diagnosed with it, breast cancer often feels personal. Since this disease affects one in eight women over the course of a lifetime, pretty much all of us have a family member or close friend who’s battled it. Not to mention that we also see breast cancer’s impact mirrored in pop culture time and time again.

The same entertainment world that serves as our everyday escape also serves as a regular reminder that nobody is immune from breast cancer’s devastating effects—not even the most familiar, famous faces. For example, think of the cast of whatever ’90s TV series you were obsessed with—Beverly Hills 90210, Married With Children, Seinfeld, Sex and the City. Or if those aren’t your thing, think of the anchors of whatever morning show has long been an anchor of your a.m. routine. Chances are, a star from one of these shows has had breast cancer. The same is true of our favorite reality TV stars, authors, actors from movies we grew up watching on repeat, comedians who make us laugh ’til we cry, and even top-tier athletes we’ve watched in awe.

All of these stars share a certain aura of invincibility—not to mention access to top-tier medical care, personal nutritionists and chefs, and trainers. Yet the truth is, many still find themselves in a fight for their lives against breast cancer, or find themselves fighting alongside someone they love dearly (and then adopting the cause as their own). As a reminder of this disease’s reach, here are 19 celebrities, among many more, whose lives have been touched by breast cancer.


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