10 Best Hiking Leggings for Outdoor Adventures in 2024

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Written By Rivera Claudia

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Most Comfortable

  • Pros: Soft and thick fabric, light compression
  • Cons: Not as rugged as other options

For a pair of super soft yet supportive trail tights, consider the Becksa from Prana. Several SELF staffers tested these leggings a couple years ago and were wowed by their unique ribbed fabric, just-right high rise, and flattering fit (“Honestly, these leggings made me feel hot,” one tester wrote). They probably aren’t going to hold up to a ton of scrapes and tight squeezes between boulders, but they’re an excellent choice if a quick hike, a trip into town, and lounging at home are all on your schedule.

  • SELF tester review: “These leggings held up well during a rather sweaty and generally wet hike. They stretch easily and the waist stays up, even when climbing step after step to reach a waterfall. The cut stopped right at my ankle, but I’m short, so that was a win for me. I’d wear these out on the trails or to brunch!”
  • Available sizes: XS to XL | Available lengths: 27 inches | Available colors: 8 options


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