15 Best Long-Distance Sex Toys to Keep the Spark Alive From Afar

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Written By Paklay Zablay

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Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or traveling, you can use the best long-distance sex toys to take the rein and explore a different type of intimacy from anywhere in the world. Take it from Glamour contributor and sex toy reviewer Amanda Chatel: “For most of my life, my relationships have been long distance. While this has been annoying and difficult, it make me realize that even if my partner is away, our sex life doesn’t have to suffer. That’s where app-controlled sex toys for couples come in. Thanks to the wonders of technology, you can actually turn masturbation into a partnered encounter. Granted, a part of me will always have fond memories of those phone sex days of yore, but I’m so happy to have innovative and interactive devices at the tips of my fingers (and clit!) instead.”

It’s no secret that LDRs are hard work, but with the help of these high-tech toys, you might feel closer than ever to your SO. In fact, some people enjoy the element of surprise that it enables; while others appreciate the feeling of closeness it can provide with far-off partners. And it doesn’t hurt that vibrators do things no human body can (or has the stamina for), leading to some very intense orgasms. So start the party by sending some spicy sexts to set the mood, lay back and imagine your partner is right there with you when using your wand vibrator or suction toy, and get ready for some intimate, arousing, and orgasmic fun. Below are the best long-distance sex toys to try to keep things hot, even when you and your partner(s) can’t enjoy each other’s company in person.


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