25 Best Foundation for Every Skin Type, According to Makeup Artists & Editors 2024

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Written By Paklay Zablay

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First, prep your skin accordingly. “Typically, foundation is applied or used after your skincare regimen onto clean skin,” says Duyos. “If a makeup primer is being used, the order would be: skin care, primer, then foundation.”

Application technique also depends on your desired level of coverage. “Tools can greatly impact how your foundation is applied, so if you prefer a more natural look, consider applying your foundation with a damp sponge so that the formula can be applied more ‘skin-like,’ and set with a lightweight or translucent powder,” says Rogers. “Applying with your fingers will give you a sheer to light coverage, brush application tends to give medium coverage and sponge application, in a tapping motion, usually gives full coverage,” Duyos adds.

Just remember: a little often goes a long way. “Because foundation is supposed to help even out the look of your skin, I find that the ‘less is more,’ approach is best,” says Rogers. “Once you get your exact shade, applying it where you need it first is best.” If you’re not sure where to start, Rogers and Dr. Mudgil suggest the center of your face and blending outwards towards the cheeks. “Most foundations are buildable, so start with a small amount first before adding more where coverage is needed to make the skin appear more even.”


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