5 best gear cycles under Rs 15000 for a healthy and active lifestyle

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Take a positive step towards a healthy lifestyle by incorporating the best gear cycles under 15000 in your daily routine.

Cycling is the good old way of keeping yourself fit and healthy. A morning cycle ride with your friends or your partner not only allows you to spend quality time with them, but also helps you improve your mental and physical health. Regular cycling strengthens your heart, lungs, circulatory system and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. With so many options available, including the top gear cycles in your daily routine can make your cycling experience safe and enriching. These multi-speed bicycles can help you feel the natural breeze, which may contribute to stress reduction and improved mood. So, if you want to take a step closer to a healthy lifestyle under budget, try the best gear cycles under Rs 15000.

What is a gear cycle?

Gear cycles or multi-speed bicycles allow you to adjust the gear ratios and makes it easier for you to tackle challenging terrains. These cycles offer multiple gear options that enable you to increase the speed and efficiency as per the terrain. By distributing the workload across different muscle groups, gear cycles help reduce fatigue during longer rides. They also provide better control and stability which can make your ride comfortable and enjoyable.

5 best gear cycles under Rs 15000

Unsure of which cycle to buy? We have curated a list of the best gear cycles in India that you may try:

1. Lifelong MTB 27.57 Gear Cycle

Try this gear cycle for adults from Lifelong and enjoy a comfortable riding experience. This cycle comes with a premium 21 speed dual disc brake and supports smooth gear change for easy riding. It features wide and sturdy MTB tyres that offer improved durability, grip and stability. This cycle for fitness has a padded saddle that is ergonomically intended to offer support during longer rides. It also features bushless chain for easy and noiseless rideability. This bicycle promises to offer a comfortable ride on bumpy roads due to the presence of front suspension.


2. Urban Terrain UT2000 Cycles

This gear cycle for health from Urban Terrain is made from a high quality steel frame that ensures durability. It features sturdy rubber tyres with strong grip to provide strong support, stability and flexibility during rides. The shimano derailleurs and shifters of this cycle are made with Japanese technology, which ensures a seamless gear change during rides. It has a 21 speed setting that allows you to shift gears as per your requirements. The cycle also has the front suspension to provide stability and comfort on bumpy roads. With its double disc brakes on both front and rear wheels, this cycle ensures safety, stability and quick braking. The cycle comes with an adjustable saddle to help you customise your riding experience.


3. VESCO Drift NXG 26-T with Shimano Gear MTB Mountain Bike

VESCO Drift NXG 26-T with Shimano Gear MTB Mountain Bike has dual disc brakes and a vintage style saddle. Made from lightweight steel, this 26-T cycle is strong, durable and easy to ride. The saddle of the bike has a quick release adjustment and the seat comes with a clamp assembly, which makes it easy to pull up and bring down as per the need. This cycle features 21 speed shimano gear systems with effortless gear shifters to make your ride smooth, safe and comfortable.


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4. ZA Enterprises Jaguar Mountain Bicycle

ZA Enterprises Jaguar Mountain Bicycle comes with 21 shimano gears and double disc brake for smooth gear shifting and braking. It features a height adjustable seat that allows you to customise your riding experience as per your needs. This bike is made of a durable carbon steel frame that will protect it from rust. In addition, the high quality double disc brakes on the front and back wheels ensures a steady and rapid stopping action.


5. Avon Buke Raider Gear Cycle

Avon Buke Raider 27.5T Citty MTB 21 Gear Cycle is equipped with shimano derailleurs and shifters. It utilises high technology for a seamless gear shifting experience. This cycle boats a 21-speed setting and enables you to shift gears as per your needs. The front suspension feature of this cycle provides stability and can absorb bumps and dips. This bike has strong pedal powders which provides strong acceleration on different terrains. It comes with double disc brakes to ensure stable and quick braking. Made from high quality material, this cycle promises to make your cycling experience safe and comfortable.


What are the health benefits of cycling?

There are multiple health benefits of cycling. Some of these are:

  • Cycling is a great low-impact exercise that helps to strengthen your hearts, lungs and circulatory system. Regular cycling may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, lower blood pressure and improve cardiovascular fitness.
  • Using the right gear cycle for weight loss may help you boost metabolism and build lean muscle mass. Known as a calorie-burning exercise, regular cycling may help you manage weight and improve body composition.
  • It helps target the lower body muscles, which can contribute to improved endurance and stability.
  • It is an ideal exercise for individuals with joint pain as it provides a smooth, fluid movement which minimises the stress on the news, hips and ankles.
  • Cycling can help you enjoy the goodness of nature, which may help reduce stress, anxiety and depression.
  • It stimulates the production of white blood cells, which plays a vital role in defending your body against infections and diseases.
  • Cycling promotes heart health, maintains a healthy body weight and reduces the risk of chronic conditions. These all contribute to a longer and healthier life.

How to choose the best gear cycles under 15000?

  • Consider your riding style as it will influence the type of gear cycle that suits you best.
  • Pay attention to the material of the frame as it directly impacts the weight, durability and ride quality.
  • Choose a cycle that comes with front suspension as it will absorb bumps and digs on rough terrains and promote a safe riding experience.
  • Opt for a cycle that features a smoother gear shifting mechanism.
  • Choose a cycle that has a robust braking system as it will ensure safety and comfort during the ride.
  • Pay attention to the wheel system because it will impact the traction, stability and performance.
  • Consider the frame size, saddle type, handlebar style and adjustable components as these directly impact your comfort.

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