9 Best Folding Treadmills in 2024, According to Experts

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Written By Rivera Claudia

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Best for Beginners

  • Pros: Bluetooth connectivity, assisted folding mechanism
  • Cons: Heavy (according to reviewers)

“This no-frills treadmill is excellent for beginners, but even the most avid runners can find something to like about it,” Seacat says, adding that it has a hydraulic folding mechanism and enough updated features—like Bluetooth speakers and one-touch setting buttons (so you can select the exact speed and incline you want, without having to toggle through a range)—to keep it current. This Horizon Fitness tread provides cushioning on its running surface, which can help reduce impact on your joints. It also includes a tablet mount with charging ports, so you can stream your favorite Netflix show or fitness class on your own device. In sum, it’s a breeze to use and tailor to your level, even if you’re a total treadmill newbie.

  • Membership and app options: N/A | Folding options: upright | Max speed: 10 mph | Max incline: 10% | Belt dimensions: 20 x 55 inches | Weight capacity: 300 pounds | Warranty: Lifetime frame and motor warranty


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