Anne Hathaway Is Reviving Her Iconic, Pre-Makeover, Princess Diaries Hair

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Written By Paklay Zablay

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Other looks from the campaign show the grown-up princess in a button-up shirtdress, a skin-tight black leather number, and a structured blazer with gold button details, while holding versions of the iconic Versace Medusa ’95 handbag.

Mert & Marcus/Versace

On her own Instagram, Donatella Versace wrote, “Anne Hathaway, what a talent you are. I am so proud to see your Versace Icons evolution. The collection comes to life when I see you wear it- and your magic comes through in every image. You are… Very Versace.” For her part, Hathaway wrote on Instagram, “Thank you @donatella_versace for once again letting me share in your creative vision.”

But shouldn’t we also be thanking the nation of Genovia for the inspo?


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