Average penis sizes around the world revealed in interactive map… and the US and UK are nowhere near the top 10

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Men in Ecuador supposedly have the biggest penises in the world — while men in Cambodia purportedly have the smallest.

That is according to figures crunched into an interactive map by MailOnline. 

Ecuadorian men have an average erect length of nearly 7 inches (17.6cm), the data says.  

At the other end of the scale, Cambodian men are said to have a mean size of just under 4 inches (10cm).

The UK and US are nowhere near the top ten, when it comes to size. 

In fact, neither country comes in the top 50. 

Britain comes in 68th place with a penis size of 5.2in (13.1cm) and America is in 60th place at 5.4in (13.5cm).

Australia ranked 43rd with an average size of 5.7in (14.46cm). 

To find out which countries have the largest penises, researchers in Germany reviewed more than 40 recent studies involving thousands of men.

Britain comes in 68th place with a penis size of 5.2in (13.1cm) and America is in 60th place with men having an average size of 5.4in (13.5cm)

The team extracted data on average penis size from nearly 90 countries, with the measurements having been independently verified.

Wherever possible, the team avoided using studies where men had self-reported their penis size.

In cases where individuals had a fat pad above the penis, this was slightly compressed to help with measurements.

These were all averaged for each country and then converted into inches to allow for comparison between different nations.

The European countries with the largest penis sizes overall were the Netherlands in ninth place at 6.2in, France 11th at 6.2in and Italy 19th at 6in.

Researchers behind the list said they struggled to find a connection between penis length and height but found countries with higher obesity rates tended to have smaller members, which could explain the distribution of fat tissue. 


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