Bella Hadid Invents New Ways of Horseback Riding in Behind-the-Scenes Shoot for ‘Vogue’

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Certified horse girl Bella Hadid posted a behind-the-scenes shoot from her photo shoot for Italian Vogue costarring a four-legged friend—proving that not only can she walk the walk, she can also canter the canter.

“Our new Italian Vogue cover on stands today,” Hadid wrote in the caption. “Shot at the farm with our Dallas, the horse with the biggest heart and lots of patience. I love you Dall.”

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In one of the photos and the behind-the-scenes videos, Bella Hadid lies on the horse’s back in an eggplant dress adorned with Western-inspired fringe. In another she stands upright on the horse, wearing a nude-colored evening gown. The shoot did include at least one pic of the model seated as one normally sits on horseback, this time in a pair of jeans and a trench coat with nothing underneath.

I’d say that most of Hadid’s recent Instagram posts feature the model on or around horses, including some from her horseback riding competitions in Texas. She’s even brought her love of horses into her personal life, as she is dating rodeo star Adnan Banuelos. Banuelos first made it to Hadid’s IG grid in October, when she included him in a carousel of photos from her birthday party, which she held in, you guessed it, a horse stable.


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