Best Haircuts for Women 2024: 71 Popular Haircut Ideas to Try

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Written By Paklay Zablay

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Whether you’re scoping out the best haircuts for women or curious to see the most popular haircuts on the rise, you’ve come to the right place. As 2024 has already shown us, haircut styles have never been more inspired. Our favorite celebs have given us plenty of inspiration, debuting pixie cuts, bangs, bobs, and everything in between for every hair type. While we love the classic lob as much as the next person, sometimes you need a little variety—and what better way to get inspired than with the coolest hairstyles from around the the world

From lived-in shags in London, textured bobs in Austin, and curtain bangs in New York City, we asked stylists to share the most requested styles at their salons to bring you the best haircuts for women across the globe. Scroll on for all the best hairstyles inspiration you need.


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