Beyoncé Fans Can’t Believe She Took Public Transit in a Sheer Lace Bodysuit

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Written By Paklay Zablay

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When Beyoncé’s not riding horses, she’s riding the train with everybody else…at least when she’s in Japan.

On April 19, the “Texas Hold ‘Em” singer shared another series of OOTD pics and videos on her Instagram, partially ditching her Cowboy Carter style for a velvet headband and burgundy lace bodysuit during an outing with Jay Z, though she did don a cowboy hat for a little photoshoot that was included in the roundup. Beyoncé topped off the look with a camel and plaid cape coat, thigh-high boots, and cursive Chloé chain belt, further accessorizing with gold jewelry and Y2K-inspired sunglasses.

But it wasn’t Beyoncé’s departure from chaps and bolo ties that surprised her fans. Most of the BeyHive was focussed on slide four, which featured a clip of the “16 Carriages” singer casually walking through a Japanese train station, even managing to going unnoticed by some unobservant commuters.

“SIS TAKING PUBLIC TRANSITS?!?!” one fan replied to the post, while another wrote, “Imagine looking down at your phone not realizing Beyonce just walked past you.” Another commenter added, “You’re telling me you went thru all that public transportation, wearing that, and nobody noticed it was you? Damn Bey, America could NEVA!”

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In the following slide, Beyoncé can be seen sitting on the train and holding hands with her husband, who was also there. “Imagine taking the bus and Beyoncé is sitting next to you with Jay-Z,” one fan commented. Honestly, I can’t!


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