Book a rental car. Stiftung Warentest shows you how to find good and cheap offers.

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When choosing a tariff, don’t just look at the price. The following are also important:

Sufficiently high amount of coverage

The value of motor third party liability insurance coverage should be as high as possible. Some offers, for example in Cyprus, are only valid up to an amount of 100,000 euros. Those who spend an additional 20 to 30 euros will often find offers with significantly higher liability values ​​for the mini class vehicle category in the Mediterranean region.

Tip: If you have insured a car at home, check whether your car insurance has a so-called Mallorca policy. This is a contract clause that can also protect you well when you rent a vehicle abroad: if you or your partner cause an accident with your rental car there, your car insurance will pay for the damage from the accident, as long as it is greater than than the value of the rental car insurance coverage. This applies up to the amount specified in your own vehicle’s insurance contract. This is generally the amount of your coverage Car insurance or is the minimum legal coverage applicable in Germany (€7.5 million for personal injury, €1.22 million for property damage).
Important to know: Does not cover damage to the rental car. This service is also normally limited to Europe, so it does not apply to the USA, Canada, Asia or Australia. If you book a rental car there, it is even more important to ensure that the coverage is high enough. Some insurers also limit Mallorca policy liability to a certain duration of the trip. Check the terms and conditions of your car insurance.

Keep an eye on the deposit

The deposit can also be expensive. More than 1,000 euros for small cars is not uncommon and can hurt: the deposit will be blocked on your credit card for the duration of the rental. In fact, it serves to protect the owner – in case the customer is caught or, for example, under the influence of alcohol, causes damage that the policy does not cover.

Know the additional costs

Sometimes there are extra costs that must be paid on site, for example for additional driver, child seats or return outside opening hours. This can cost a large sum: a booster seat, for example, costs €9.67 per day at Keddy by Europcar in Mallorca (but a maximum of €71.39), and an out-of-hours delivery at Europcar in Naxos It costs 50 euros. Details can be found in the general rental conditions. If you are not listed there, accept another offer. Check24 has a filter for “equipment and extras”.

Choose fair sourcing regulations

“Fair” means: you receive the car with a full tank of gas and return it as is. We advise against the full/empty rule. Here you pick up the car with a full tank, deliver it with an empty tank (which rarely works) – but pay a fuel and service fee on site.

Good protection when traveling is also important

International health insurance. When traveling abroad, no matter where, always think of a very good International health insurancebecause the protection of legal health insurance is not enough, not even in Europe.

Trip cancellation insurance. You can cancel many car rental reservations in advance if something important happens. Other travel services often do not. A good protect here Trip cancellation insurance from unpleasant financial losses or additional costs if the trip has to be interrupted or extended.

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