Brittany Mahomes Borrowed an Iconic Taylor Swift Dress

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Written By Paklay Zablay

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A lot of people get fashion inspo from their best friends, but only some of us get fashion inspo from our best friends’ Time Person of the Year cover shoots. Brittany Mahomes, on a vacation for a (different) friend’s bachelorette party, appeared to wear the same silver studded dress that Taylor Swift wore for her Time magazine cover.

Per Us Weekly, on February 25, Mahomes posted a series of photos to her Instagram Stories in which she’s wearing the silver crystal-embellished minidress from Area. Swift, iconically, wore the strapless frock in one of her Time covers, styled necklace-free, with a couple of silver dangly earrings. Mahomes, meanwhile, also styled the dress without a necklace and opted for a pair of gold hoop earrings. Her curly hair in a messy updo, she finished the look with strappy gold pumps.

Brittany Mahomes/Instagram

It’s not the first time Mahomes and Swift have had a twinning moment—they often matched outfits during the NFL season to support their respective “guys on the Chiefs” during games. “Twinning & Winning,” Mahomes captioned one Instagram post, showing pictures of the friends in nearly identical red puffer coats and black pants.

It wouldn’t be unprecedented for Swift and Mahomes to share outfits either. In December, Swifties deduced that Swift may have borrowed her oversized red fleece jacket from Mahomes. Now, there’s no evidence that Taylor Swift was allowed to keep the silver dress she wore on the Time cover, let alone that she then let Brittany Mahomes borrow the dress for her Mexico trip. We’re just saying it’s possible.


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