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Kiko tells where to go

The project behind the app, which is supported by ambitious crowdfunding campaigns and federal funds, its scientific training and associated educational events related to climate protection can already earn sympathy points for Climate collect. The creative minds from Bremen responsible for the non-profit offering apparently do not pursue any financial interests, which is particularly noticeable in the absence of paid or advertising content. Registration is also required to use Climate it is not necessary. The app only asks for permission once to send push messages. Getting started with the software is equally easy to use. The application mascot Kiko explains all the features in detail. For users who already have experience using similar applications, the explanations displayed in the speech bubbles are almost helpful for extensive. Here we would like to have the option to skip the individual introductory content. Consumers who are dealing with one for the first time Serious game but you will enjoy them.

In the functional diversity camp

The digital climate protection brand Climate It starts at a campfire, surrounded by tents of different colors that contain information, challenges and quizzes on six themes. Regardless of whether you choose mobility (yellow), energy (red), purple (consumption), nutrition (green) or one of the two blue tents with content on private and social commitment, they all offer a lot of interesting information about climate protection. Climate does not specify how to collect thalers, stars and advance to higher levels, but rather lets the user choose which area of ​​life they would like to get involved in. What is particularly nice, however, is that a distinction is made between more or less effective climate protection measures and our pixelated companion Kiko encourages you to use your own ambition in the right places. For example, economical consumption of warm or hot water in everyday life is definitely recommended for economic and sustainable reasons, but switching to a more environmentally friendly energy supplier has an even greater ecological added value. Shopping regionally is good – but avoiding meat and animal products is even better. And business flights should be avoided if possible, but even more important (and easier!) is to avoid private flights. The more effective a Climate The challenge listed is the most generously rewarded it will be.

Weather protection app screenshots
The importance of climate protection measures is rated from one to four stars (Fig. 1). By completing challenges and solving quiz questions, you earn coins, seedlings and rainwater (Fig. 2 and 3). It was not possible to test some functions of the application, such as the “climate questionnaire”, due to technical errors (Fig. 4). (Source: screenshots)

Turn the meadow into a forest!

When you start using the app, there isn’t a tree or bush in sight in the digital green space. You can change this by studying your own lifestyle in one of the six topic areas mentioned. If these are sustainable enough, you get seedlings to plant and water to grow them. You can also earn coins by acquiring knowledge, but you need to prove it by solving quizzes. The previously mentioned challenges, which vary in difficulty, also guarantee the growth of the app’s bill: you receive just a few virtual thalers for reading a leaflet about climate change and a hundred times more for making energy-efficient renovations to your home. Additionally, as our gaming success increases, the cloud above our app’s biotope fills with water and allows trees, bushes, and grass to thrive. With the variety of functions of full browsers and video games like Farmville or Pocket Harvest he can Climate Although they cannot keep up with this discipline, this is not expected from a free, non-profit offering whose content focuses more on educational aspects rather than gaming fun.


Climate It is an informative and attractively designed offer that impresses above all with the quality of the knowledge content. However, the somewhat difficult to understand game mechanics and sometimes excessive texts are not suitable for using the app on the go. Climate not only wants to promote commitment to climate protection, but also demands it – politely but firmly. Ambitious climate protectors who value savings and data security are advised to use the app. To reach and inspire a larger audience, it would be desirable for the application, which had not been updated for almost two years at the time of testing, to be able to control its (minor) technical deficiencies.

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