Consultation with a specialist after 4 weeks: This is how you can contact 116 117

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Do you need a specialist consultation or a psychotherapist quickly? On 116 117 you can contact the medical on-call service, appointment scheduling and patient navigation system of the patient care service.

The essentials in summary:

  • Appointment scheduling schedules appointments with specialists, pediatricians and family doctors, as well as psychotherapists at certain time periods and also helps you find long-term care with a pediatrician, adolescent doctor or family doctor.
  • O on-call medical care you can contact us at 116 117 24 hours a day, seven days a week by phone and online and by application 116117.
  • To use the appointment booking service, in certain cases you will need a referral with an urgent note from your family doctor.

Legally insured people should make an appointment with a specialist, family doctor, pediatrician, adolescent doctor and psychotherapist more quickly. Appointments will now be made by telephone through the National Service Phone number 116 117, online through the electronic scheduling service or the application 116117.

116 117 is the central number nationwide for booking medical appointments and on-call medical care. In the event of a medical emergency and life-threatening situation, choose the 112.

Important to know: Is about is not a general appointment agreement. Generally, you need an urgency code from your family doctor’s office. Without this code, 116 117 only transfers in specific cases.

If you do not have a referral code, you can make an appointment for subjects for which you do not need a referral. These are:

  • family doctor,
  • pediatrician,
  • Ophthalmologist,
  • gynecologist,
  • Psychotherapeutic consultation hours for adults and children.

How can you get to 116 117?

The patient care service’s appointment booking service supports beneficiaries of compulsory health insurance by calling 116 117 in booking medical appointments.

O Phone number 116 117 can be reached by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The service is also available online as well as with the 116117 application.

Important to know: Patients with acute symptoms are referred to the correct level of care through a standardized initial assessment procedure (open office, medical on-call, hospital emergency room, rescue/112 service). transmitted.

The 116 117 customer service does not schedule desired appointments with a specific doctor or psychotherapist. Instead, you will receive a query after a search in the legally stipulated area:

  • For specialized general medical care (for example, orthopedist, ENT doctor, dermatologist and ophthalmologist), offices up to 30 km away from you are considered.
  • For special and separate specialist medical care (e.g. radiologists, specialist internists, child and adolescent psychiatrists), practices up to 60 km away from you will be considered.

This means that a visit to the doctor organized in this way could involve a new trip for you.

How does scheduling appointments work?

  • You call according to the federal standard Number 116 117 turned on or used allocation of electronic consultations.
  • For example, if you need a referral to a specialist, enter the urgency code. You can find the urgency code in your GP referral. A referral to see an ophthalmologist or gynecologist is not necessary.

If your appointment scheduling is successful, you will be offered an appointment within a certain period of time after contacting us.

If you are unable to make an appointment within the specified time period, you will be offered an outpatient treatment appointment in a hospital.

You need a? cancel an appointmentto call in patient care 116 117 and release the appointment again.

Important to know: In acute cases, patients are referred to doctors’ offices, emergency rooms or hospitals during consultation hours.

Who does the 116 117 customer service direct you to?

Referral to a specialist

As a patient with statutory health insurance, you have the right to make appointments with specialists in emergency cases within four weeks. The prerequisite is that you have a medical referral with an emergency code from your family doctor.

The 12-digit urgency code, however, is not mandatory for consultation with an ophthalmologist or gynecologist.

Note: There is no right to mediation for minor illnesses or routine examinations.

Referral to family doctors as well as pediatricians and adolescent doctors

The 116 117 dialing service will arrange an appointment for you within 5 working days consultation with a family doctor, pediatrician or adolescent doctor. You will need to be referred to a family doctor, pediatrician or adolescent doctor no urgency code.

The four-week deadline applies to the organization of preventive examinations (U-examinations) for children.

Making patient service appointments also helps you find long-term care with a family doctor, pediatrician or adolescent doctor.

Referral to psychotherapists

After you call, the scheduling agency will offer a consultation Psychotherapeutic consultation schedule (initial consultation) at the. The maximum waiting time between your call and your appointment is four weeks.

  • You do not need a referral to make a psychotherapy appointment.
  • To provide the necessary probationary therapy in a timely manner (i.e., initial sessions before the actual start of psychotherapy and acute treatment), you need individual patient information about outpatient psychotherapy appointments (form PTV-11) with an urgency code.
  • After a psychotherapy hospitalization, you do not need the PTV-11 form for acute treatment.

What is the urgency code?

The prerequisite for scheduling a specialist appointment within four weeks is the existence of a medical referral with an urgency code. This is a twelve-digit code printed on the transfer. The family doctor issues the urgent (coded) referral.

  • Without an urgency code, it is not possible to make an appointment with a specialist. Exception: An urgency code is not required to schedule an appointment with an ophthalmologist or gynecologist.
  • You do not need a referral to be referred to a family doctor, pediatrician or adolescent doctor.

By Bank transfer Without a code, no placement will occur within four weeks.

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