Digital helpers for more home security for seniors

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Turn off the stove, close the front door, report smoke or theft: smart alarm systems closely monitor residents and, above all, allow the elderly to sleep more peacefully.

The essentials in summary:

  • Smart technology automatically turns off the stove and other electrical devices.
  • Image and non-picture intercom systems reveal who rang the doorbell.
  • Alarm systems report falls, open windows and attempted break-ins.
  • Smoke, gas and water sensors prevent danger.

Is the stove still on? Automatic shutdown takes care of that

Attention, danger of fire! How easily it happens that a pan sits on the stove and the contents begin to smoke. Some help here Automatic stove shutdown: Device that hangs on the wall between the stove and the socket and turns off the power after a pre-defined time, approximately 30 minutes.

Other models work with a motion detector or presence detector. This means that the hob only works while a person is standing or walking around the room. If she leaves the kitchen, the stove goes out.

All Off: Automatically turn off all devices when you leave the house

In the smart home (smart home), devices and switches are networked and respond to central control. In “leave home” mode, the system turns off the heating, turns on the alarm system and turns off some electrical appliances (not the refrigerator!) and lighting.

Please don’t fall! Alarm systems for fall prevention

Fall detectors, for example, work with this Home emergency call system together and are worn on the belt. You report a sudden change in position. There are also on the market Fall detectors with SIM card, Location option It is Emergency button. If a person starts moving a lot and then stops moving, they sound the alarm and dial a phone number.

Provide additional protection for seniors Sensor mats in front of the bed, which trigger a radio alarm if a person steps on or falls on them. These mats, as well as motion detectors or twilight sensors, can also turn on orientation lights. Devices work via a power or battery connection. The alarm can be forwarded to a separate recipient.

Audible in all rooms: telephone and bell amplifier

If your ears no longer cooperate, you will hardly hear the telephone or doorbell – especially at the other end of the apartment or on the terrace. Amplifiers solve the problem. They consist of a transmitter that transmits the ringtone to one or more receiving devices. They sound loud, light up or vibrate. There is also one for deaf people Expenses covered by the nursing care insurance fund possible.

Who’s there? Intercom with and without image

It’s always good to know who’s at the front door. One Intercom allows communication with the visitor – before pressing a button The front door opens automatically. For even more security, a camera puts the visitor in the photo.

Such Port monitoring It is also possible on the move. This means you can see on your smartphone screen who rang the doorbell and you can let the person in. Data protection issue: Such Internet-based systems can be manipulated.

Be careful, open the window

Forgetful people often don’t remember to close windows or doors. There are sensors that trigger an alarm if, for example, the balcony door is left open for too long.

A contact transmitter at the entrance tells a receiving device when, for example, a dementia patient opens the door and wants to leave the house. This device can emit a loud beep or – if connected to an internet router – immediately send a message to a smartphone.

Alarm systems keep thieves away – that’s for sure

The simplest solution is offered by systems that come with a motion detector are coupled. If someone approaches the house, a high-pitched sound comes from the speaker. The outside light usually comes on. The siren will also go off if someone tampers with the window or patio door.

This is a very effective deterrent Smart Home unwanted guests. In this case they are Radio-connected alarm systems, and the “headquarters” sends images from the camera installed in the house to your smartphone. So you know what’s happening at home, wherever you are. Alarm system on or off? This can also be done by tapping the screen.

Fire, gas or water: sensors report an emergency

Fortunately they are smoke detector Nowadays mandatory in new and old buildings. If there is a fire, they emit a very loud beep, often combined with a flash. In the luxury version, several detectors work together so that in the event of an emergency, an alarm sounds in all rooms. Some models send a message to your smartphone. Integration into the smart home system is also possible.

Do you have a gas stove or boiler? if the Gas concentration (propane, butane or methane) in the air becomes very high, the gas detectors sound an alarm. Devices suitable for fireplace owners are: too much carbon monoxide announce on air.

There are also sensors that make a loud noise Report water leak. Battery-powered devices are located close to the floor, near a washing machine or heating system. Here too, the market offers models that can be integrated into the smart home system and monitored centrally.

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