Espresso Brunette is the Most Elegant Shade for Winter

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Written By Paklay Zablay

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Whether you love coffee or prefer tea, espresso brunette is sure to steal your heart. This dark, rich and elegant shade is the latest hair color trend for winter, as its delicious brown dimension and subtle dose of smoky highlights give your mane movement, shine and a touch of chic mystery.

Are you intrigued? Then be sure to keep reading. Here’s everything you need to know about this expensive-looking color that will make your hair the talk of the town no matter where you go.

What is espresso brunette hair?

As the name implies, espresso brunette hair is a color that is defined by the application of a palette of dark and warm tones, which creates a deep and sophisticated effect on the hair, much like its coffee counterpart. It is based on the colors found in a shot of intense brown, ranging from hazelnut and chestnut shades to deep chocolate and black tones.

What makes this hair color so special is the mix of a brown-black base with subtle highlights that catch the light and add a touch of shine. These highlights are usually applied with a balayage technique so that the contrast only appears from mid-lengths to ends.

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Who should dye their hair espresso?

The best thing about this trend? It’s super versatile and adapts to many styles. Its deep colors allow it to be flattering on people with very fair complexions as well as tanned and gray skin. In addition, this technique looks perfect on midi haircuts as well as XL manes. It’s a lovely option if you’re looking to highlight and enhance your natural beauty.

How to ask your stylist for espresso hair

To get espresso hair, be sure to consult a professional and experienced stylist who can advise you on the colors that best suit your skin tone and personal style.

The approach will also depend on the base you are working with, so the result may vary if you have black hair or a medium or light brown hair. Don’t forget to communicate your preferences and expectations, as this is essential to achieve the desired result and wear this trend with confidence.

Espresso hair inspiration

Need some inspiration for the style? See our favorite ways to wear the espresso hairtrend ahead.

Hazelnut espresso hair

Get a warm, luscious and very striking effect by adding hazelnut and caramel highlights. Increase the contrast a bit to keep the final look deep and dark. Think: a soft balayage.


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