Florida paves the way for a six-week abortion ban: Supreme Court upholds 15-week ban in bombshell ruling… but will let voters weigh in on access in the 2024 election

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  • Ruling paves the way for a six-week ban to take effect in the next thirty days
  • Ballot initiative, if successful, would protect abortion access to about 24 weeks
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The Florida Supreme Court upheld a 15 week abortion ban in a highly anticipated ruling, which paves the way for a stricter six-week ban to go into effect next month.

The court issued twin rulings Monday. The first upheld the abortion ban, while the second ruling approved a November ballot measure that would enshrine abortion rights in the state’s constitution if passed by voters.

The ballot measure clearing the conservative court marked a win for abortion rights groups, who had already begun collecting signatures about a year ago, shortly after Republican Gov Ron DeSantis signed a six-week ban into law.  

The outcome of the ballot initiative will have massive implications for reproductive healthcare across the south, where stringent bans have forced clinics to shut their doors permanently.

The state Supreme Court’s duel rulings on Monday included one to allow the implementation of a six-week abortion ban. The other, the approval of a ballot initiative to enshrine abortion rights in the constitution, marked a major win for abortion rights groups


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