Gematik under new management from September

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Dr. Florian Hartge, Brenya Adjei and Dr. Florian Fuhrmann (from left). /Jan Pauls, gematik

Berlin – Gematik is getting new management, today the general assembly approved the personnel proposal of the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) at the. Florian Fuhrmann, Brenya Adjei and Florian Hartge will take up their new roles for five years on September 1st – Fuhrmann will become the new managing director. As announced by Gematik, Hartge will remain interim managing director until then.

The three managing directors share areas of work: As chairman of the board, Fuhrmann is responsible for the areas of strategy and standards, law and finance. Brenya Adjei is responsible for human resources, IT and communications. Florian Hartge heads production, security and operations.

“Digital transformation is the key to patient-centered care and many structural challenges in our healthcare system. The new digital agency will work closely with payers, service providers and industry to take the existing telematics infrastructure and digital ecosystem to a new level,” said Fuhrmann.

Sibylle Steiner, board member of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Practitioners (KBV): “With Dr. Florian Fuhrmann, an experienced specialist in legal healthcare, heads the new digital agency. That’s certainly nice.”

This is linked to the expectation that the concerns of fellow residents will be more strongly incorporated into the work of ‘old’ Gematik, which until now has been very technical, says Steiner. © EB/aha/

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