GP motorists urged to exercise caution as traffic volumes set to peak

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Written By Rivera Claudia

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JOHANNESBURG – The Gauteng traffic police department is urging motorists to practise caution on the roads as heavy traffic volumes are expected in the province.

Holidaymakers are set to start travelling back into the province from different destinations on Sunday, while others are expected to travel to places of recreation for New Year’s Eve festivities.

The department is appealing to residents not to drive under the influence of alcohol in a bid to prevent road crashes.

Since the start of the festive season, 242 people have been killed on Gauteng roads.

Gauteng traffic police spokesperson Sello Maremane said they were keeping a close eye on motorists.

“The Gauteng Traffic Police and the Crime Prevention Wardens will be deployed throughout the province to monitor compliance and eliminate criminal activities.

“The freeways remain hot spot areas for overspeeding, while places of leisure such as parks remain our hot spot areas for driving under the influence of alcohol. All crime spot areas will be manned by the Crime Prevention Wardens.”

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