Hailey Bieber Shared Her Three-Step Skin Care Routine During a Perioral Dermatitis Flare-Up

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While Hailey Bieber doesn’t want to discuss rumors about her marriage, she does want to talk about perioral dermatitis.

According to the National Library of Medicine, perioral dermatitis is a “benign eruption” of “small inflammatory papules and pustules or pink, scaly patches around the mouth,” which most commonly effects women between the ages of 20 and 45.

In Bieber’s own words, it’s a “disorder resembling acne or rosacea.” The 27-year-old model first revealed her diagnosis in 2020 but recently decided to share a filter- and makeup-free look at her skin during a “pretty bad flare up.”

“I wanted to talk about perioral dermatitis because this is something that I have had since I was about 19 or 20,” the 27-year-old model says in a TikTok video. “And I know a lot of other people deal with it and struggle with it as well, so I wanted to share what I use when I’m having a flare-up.”

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In her video Bieber says she combats her flare-ups with two prescription treatments: At night Bieber uses a prescription azelaic acid cream. During the day she uses clindamycin, a prescription antibiotic sometimes used to target acne. “It’s so weird to see someone like Hailey Bieber also using clindamycin,” one TikTok user commented. “Nobody talks about it but it’s a life changer.”

Another fan praised Bieber for her transparency. “This is what I love about her she doesn’t just say she uses Rhode,” they replied to the post. “Most celebrities just rub their brand in our face.”

Of course, Hailey Bieber made sure to plug at least one Rhode product during her video: “The only other things that I use when I’m having a flare-up of perioral dermatitis would be our Rhode Glazing Milk. It’s super gentle; it helps calm the skin. It doesn’t irritate it any further.” She also reminds fans to apply SPF during the daytime.

Toward the end of the video, she shares a look at her skin the following morning after sleeping in with her prescription and glazing milk on. “You can tell it’s a lot less irritated and angry.”

Before and after sleeping with her prescription.



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