Heidi Klum Made the Naughty and Nice Lists This Christmas in Crystal Lingerie

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She’s celebrating the holiday in style as only Heidi Klum can. Oddly enough, the robe, which Klum confirmed in her Instagram stories she “tied in the front” makes the outfit more low-key? Never thought I would say that about something so red and silk. Honestly, I’d take festive and frisky over some of those Heidiween looks, anyway. Plus, she mixed in some fun and festive accessories into her winter holiday looks as well.

As for Christmas day, Klum and Kaulitz appear to have celebrated the holiday at the beach. On Christmas Day, she posted another video of herself and her husband in the car with the caption “Merry Christmas ❤️LOVE ❤️The greatest gift of all❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.” She wore an oversized tee-shirt with Mariah Carey’s face on it, but the song “Your Christmas” by Kaulitz’s band Tokio Hotel played over the post.

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“That’s a wrap on Christmas,” she captioned a photoset of the couple enjoying the ocean views as she wore a sequins Santa hat. However, the holiday festivities didn’t really end there. Klum and Kaulitz spent a night out in St. Barths’s on December 26, and the model adorned her pink dress with a necklace made out of blinking red and green Christmas lights.


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