I Drank ‘Golden Milk’ Every Day to Fight Winter Colds and the Result Honestly Surprised Me

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Written By Paklay Zablay

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Is “golden milk” the golden ticket to a illness-free winter? I decided to find out.

We are getting closer to spring, but winter continues to hold us in its nasty clutches. On the train, in the playground, and at work, people are blowing their noses, clearing their throats, and coughing. Hypochondriacs like me spend the season immediately bracing for the next infection. With a virus-spreading toddler and as a commuter on the train, I sometimes catch a cold, despite trying to keep healthy. But I don’t want to wear a mask all the time like during the pandemic. There must be another way!

Then, a friend recommended “golden milk” or turmeric lattes to boost my immunity, a drink which is hyped on social media and has been used in Ayurveda for thousands of years.

I wanted to press “order” immediately, but then I hesitated. Does golden milk actually make sense for the immune system? I’d better ask an expert.

“Yes, turmeric is anti-inflammatory and has a strong antioxidant effect,” nutrition expert Sigrid Ilumaa tells Glamour. “This is thanks to the curcumin it contains.” Antioxidants are vitamins that can neutralize free radicals in the body. They act like a protective shield against viruses that attack the body’s cells.

“When taken regularly, turmeric can alleviate illnesses, regulate digestion and even have a positive effect on the psyche and the health of skin and hair,” Ilumaa continues.

Add ginger, cinnamon and pepper, as in the turmeric latte or “golden milk,” and you have a real immune boosting mix. After all, cinnamon, ginger and black pepper also have anti-inflammatory properties. While cinnamon also has an anti-diabetic effect, ginger has also been proven to kill viruses. “This combination optimally strengthens the immune system during the cold season,” explains Ilumaa.

My daily golden milk aka turmeric latte. I prepare it with oat soy milk.

Anna Bader

I decided to try drinking a golden milk latte every day for a month and see how I felt. To start the experiment, I decided to order a pre-mixed powder. This saves me a lot of time and helps me ensure that the mixture is portioned correctly. (You can make golden milk from scratch yourself using recipes such as this one.)


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