Increase statutory pension and save taxes

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Written By Kampretz Bianca

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In your 50s or 60s, your retirement plan becomes more concrete. When can I retire? How much money will I have? If the first financial check is worrying, the next question is: how can the pension disparity be closed in just a few years? One option is to make larger payments to the statutory pension fund. With these, workers not only secure a higher pension later on, but also attractive tax discounts throughout their working life.

Calculations by retirement planning experts at Finanztest show what these payments bring in terms of pension benefits and tax savings. In some cases, employees will be able to recover around a third of their deposit through the tax office in 2024. However, our assessments also show that not all employees benefit equally. We explain how taxpayers should calculate if they want to know which payment will give them the biggest tax advantage in 2024.

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