Investing money with interest: how to invest your savings correctly and find good interest rates

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If you want to invest your money, you will have to evaluate security, availability and return. High security and high returns do not go hand in hand, nor do fast availability and maximum returns. If you always want to get your money back quickly, you need to make concessions when it comes to refunds.

The two main investments of interest differ mainly in their availability.

Difference Between Interest Rates and Returns

In bank savings products with fixed interest (fixed-term deposits or savings certificates), the profitability is fixed from the beginning and the annual profitability generally corresponds to the nominal interest rate indicated by the supplier. If interest on the balance is credited more than once a year, the return will be greater than the nominal interest rate because the interest will compound over time.

The profitability will be lower than the interest mentioned if, for investments with multi-year interest, the interest is not paid or credited annually and capitalized in the following year, but is always calculated on the original value of the investment and only paid at the end of the year. The term. Income from these products is only taxable at the end of the term, which can be disadvantageous. therefore does not list such offers.

Find a safe investment

Our constantly updated comparisons of savings offers from credit institutions show you where you are sure to find interest on the money you want to invest.

This is what the interest rate comparisons on offer

In our interest product databases you can easily sort the best interest rates for different investment terms and amounts. With the daily money offers you can also find out which banks have been offering good interest rates for the longest time.

Comparison of daily rates. Here you will find interest conditions for different investment amounts of 119 selected daily cash offers ( Current account comparison).

Comparison of fixed-term deposits and capitalization bonds. This database contains interest conditions for terms between one month and ten years of 926 fixed interest offers ( Comparison of fixed-term deposits and capitalization bonds).

Comparison of investments of ethical and ecological interest. Here you will find interest rates for 115 daily deposits, fixed-term deposit offers and capitalization bonds with different maturities. All offers have an ethical and ecological basis ( Comparison of investments of ethical and ecological interest).

Interest Rate Escalator Strategy

To invest your savings wisely, we recommend a Interest Rate Escalators as an Investment Strategy. You divide the capital into equal amounts in fixed-term deposit accounts with different terms of one to five years. If the first term deposit expires after one year, the amount can be invested again for five years under the conditions then applicable. The same happens year after year with the next expiring term deposits. This means you can secure good returns and remain flexible.

Secure interest rates in the database

Stiftung Warentest checks all interest rate offers for questionable additional conditions and does not include corresponding offers in the database. These include bait offers with short deadlines, low investment amounts or offers with additional costs or conditions.

How to protect yourself from fixed deposit fraud

Interest rate fraudsters are currently on the rise. They advertise on the Internet attractive offers for fixed-term deposits in banks with European deposit protection. Only trust the six interest rate portals we’ve listed, although we also advise against using more than half of the banks listed there. Stiftung Warentest explains how savers protect themselves can, name all the banks we do not recommend and document dubious providers in the List of warnings Investment.

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