Is Masseter Botox Worth It? We Asked 8 People for Their Honest Reviews

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If you regularly wake up with a sore jaw, chances are you’ve come across masseter Botox as a possible remedy. Yep, even though botulinum toxin (the scientific name for Botox, if you didn’t know) is most known for its ability to temporarily smooth facial wrinkles, it’s got some research-backed medical benefits, too.

Basically, these injections work by temporarily relaxing your masseter muscles (under your cheekbones and near your jaw), which can reduce teeth grinding and clenching, and alleviate symptoms of temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ)—a group of disorders that can cause pain in your jaw joints and the surrounding muscles, and may trigger tension headaches and migraine attacks. Even if you don’t deal with any of these issues, you might be considering masseter Botox for cosmetic reasons: Namely, it can temporarily shrink your muscles and make your jawline look slimmer as a result.

Given the potential perks—and the fact that it seems like everyone is getting Botox these days—it makes sense that these injections are pretty popular. If you search #masseterbotox on TikTok (which has more than 200M views), for instance, you’ll see thousands of jaw-dropping (heh) before-and-after videos—alongside a few horror stories.

As enticing as these anecdotal endorsements may seem, however, it’s important to consider the possible downsides, too. While masseter Botox is generally considered safe, it can cause bruising and some folks say it’s a little uncomfortable. And if it’s not done right, there’s also a chance it could temporarily make your smile asymmetrical, research shows. (Here’s some expert advice for choosing a qualified injector.) Oh, and let’s not forget that it can be pretty pricey, especially if insurance isn’t covering your treatment. (Depending on where you go, who’s doing it, and how many units you need, masseter Botox can cost anywhere from $300 to $1,000.)

Okay, considering all of the potential pros and cons above, let’s answer what you really want to know: Is masseter Botox worth it? We asked eight people who got the injections if the results lived up to the hype—and justified the price.

“I didn’t notice significant changes.”

Name: Aisha C.

Age: 26

Price: $400

Why you got masseter Botox: “To reduce my jaw clenching and slim my face.”

Was it worth it?: No.

“I didn’t see a big difference in my face shape like in other before-and-after videos [I saw online]. Also, my jaw clenching didn’t completely stop: It lessened slightly but resumed after a few weeks.”

“A huge relief for my TMJ.”

Courtesy of Nicole P.

Name: Nicole P.

Age: 28

Price: Free (covered by insurance)

Why you got masseter Botox: “I heard it was an option to alleviate some of my TMJ symptoms, which included jaw clicking, clenching, teeth grinding, and pain.”

Was it worth it?: Yes.

“Overall, this was a huge relief for my TMJ symptoms. I’ve noticed a huge reduction in the intensity of pain, as well as a reduction in the size of my masseter muscles (which used to make my lower face look bulky).”

“I would definitely keep paying for this.”

Name: Angela P.


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