Kate Middleton’s cancer video ‘will save American lives’ – as Google searches for cancer symptoms and tests shoots up by 65%

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Princess Kate Middleton’s brave announcement about her recent cancer diagnosis has sparked Americans’ interest in their own health. 

Data collected this week by healthcare clinics suggests online searches for the terms ‘cancer symptoms’ have risen by 65 percent. 

What’s more, data collected by DailyMail.com shows Google queries using the term ‘abdominal surgery’ – the operation in which the Princess’s cancer was found – have surged more than 2,000 percent in the last seven days. 

Inquiries for ‘ovarian cancer prognosis’ rose by 1,550 percent and those for ‘stomach cancer prognosis’ rose by 900 percent. 

‘Preventative healthcare’ searches have risen by 90 percent and ‘prognosis’ increased by 60 percent.

Experts at The Devonshire Clinic, a dermatology practice in the UK, analyzed search data and found inquiries for ‘cancer signs’ and ‘cancer tests’ also rose after her post, by 41 percent and 40 percent, respectively. 

Dr Daniel Landau, an oncologist and hematologist, told DailyMail.com since the announcement, patients have become more ‘attune’ to their bodies and ‘many people are desperately seeking reassurance their symptoms are not cancer.’

Kate Middleton posted a video online where she revealed her cancer diagnosis and that she was receiving preventative chemotherapy

The future Queen of England, 42, announced her diagnosis in an emotional video last week. She thanked the public for their well wishes and explained her medical team had found cancer during her abdominal surgery in January. 

Kate was met with an outpouring of support, with patients and experts alike thankful to her for raising awareness around the disease.

Dr Conal Perrett, a dermatological surgeon at The Devonshire clinic in London, said: ‘Raising awareness of cancer symptoms plays a crucial part in saving lives. By sharing her experience, Kate Middleton has not only shed light on the realities of battling cancer, but also inspired others to seek help and support.

‘It’s all about understanding, compassion, and breaking down stigmas, and in speaking out, she’s become a person to look up to for those facing similar challenges.

‘As shown by the data, speaking publicly has led to others searching for cancer symptoms and tests, thus increasing awareness, and ultimately saving lives.’

Dr Landau also told this website the princess’s announcement ‘does offer potential benefit to the general population.

‘Many people who have been neglecting their care, believing they are too young and healthy to be dealing with a serious situation, now see that truly it can happen to anyone.’

Following the surgery, Kate’s doctors recommended preventative chemotherapy, which she has just begun. 

It has not been revealed what type of cancer the mother-of-three has. 

Thousands commented on the video, with people sharing their own stories of a cancer diagnosis.

According to additional Google statistics, Americans have expressed an increased interest in even less obvious cancer-related terms.

‘Prostate screening,’ ‘oral cancer screening,’ ‘colon cancer screening’ and ‘colon cancer symptoms in women’ also saw significant increases in searches. 

Google processes 8.5billion queries per day and the US comprises about 25 percent of those searches – meaning the surge in searches for cancer-related terms could translate into millions of Americans. 

The above shows the most common type of cancer in each country

The above shows the most common type of cancer in each country

The above graph shows the change in cancer case rates around the world in people younger than 50

The above graph shows the change in cancer case rates around the world in people younger than 50

Kate’s diagnosis, coupled with the surge in interest in cancer, has shone a light on the epidemic of the disease among young people.

Between 1990 and 2019, cancer cases in people under 50 years old rose by 79 percent across the globe, and deaths increased 28 percent.

Studies project diagnoses will continue to rise by 31 percent and deaths will rise by 21 percent in 2030.

The American Cancer Society estimated that 40 percent of Americans will develop the disease in their lifetime — while one in five diagnosed will die from the illness. 

The Princess’s case also highlights the importance of cancer screenings and early diagnosis. 

Though Kate’s stage of disease has not been officially confirmed, it appears as though the cancer was spotted in early stages since she’s undergoing ‘preventative chemotherapy.’

If tumors have advanced to other areas of the body, more aggressive types of chemotherapy are traditionally given to kill remaining cancer cells.

Kate also said in her public address she’s feeling ‘well’ and has assured her three young children she is ‘going to be ok.’

According to the CDC, cancer screenings declined from 2012 to 2022, but health officials and experts stress the importance of getting screenings for cancers like breast and colon, which are on the rise in the US. 

The CDC said: ‘Cancer screening, which is different from diagnostic testing, can detect cancer at early stages before symptoms occur, when it can be more successfully treated. 

‘In addition to early detection, screening can prevent colorectal and cervical cancers by identifying precancerous lesions that can be removed before they become cancer.’

The health agency said cancer screenings could potentially prevent thousands of cancer deaths. 


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