Megan Fox Is Bringing ‘Jennifer’s Body’ Back From the Dead (Again) in a Vampy White Corset Gown

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Written By Paklay Zablay

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If the white dress and black choker combo Megan Fox wore to the People’s Choice Awards on February 18 was giving you some Jennifer’s Body nostalgia, that was no accident. For the event, the actor paired her cotton candy pink hair with a corseted white Vivienne Westwood gown, thick black choker necklace, and a bright red lip. Fox accessorized with sparkly diamond jewelry and a blinged out black manicure, driving home the goth glam aesthetic.

Mark Von Holden/NBC/Getty Images

According to her Instagram, the look was intentionally meant to evoke the white prom dress her undead character wore in the cult classic film. On IG, Megan Fox posted a few pictures from the event, along with a still from the film, with the caption, “jennifer’s prom dress x final fantasy cosplay (cursed bride edition).”


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