One million euros is in the jackpot

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Berlin. On Wednesday there could be a million euros in the first prize category. We will announce the winning numbers here after the draw.

The next chance to become a millionaire is on Wednesday (July 10). The draw will take place at 6:25 p.m. The clue fields can be in a lottery-Reception point or completed online. About the winning numbers It is Chances We will inform you here after the draw.

Wednesday Lottery (July 10): Current Winning Numbers

  • Lottery numbers: consequences
  • Supernumber: he follows
  • Game 77: he follows
  • Super 6: he follows

All statements without warranty.

Lottery on July 10: The odds and winners on Wednesday

The odds and therefore the number of winners will only be announced later after the draw. We will add the data to the table as soon as we have it.

Classroom Number of correct winner Chances
1 6 correct + SZ
two 6 correct
3 5 correct + SZ
4 5 correct
5 4 correct + SZ
6 4 correct
7 3 correct + SZ
8th 3 correct
9 2 correct + SZ

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Lottery on Wednesday (July 3): What time is the draw?

Lottery numbers are drawn on Wednesdays at 6:25 p.m. On Saturdays it happens at 7:25 p.m.

How much money is currently in the lottery jackpot?

On Wednesday (July 3) the jackpot is 1 million euros.

FAQ: The most important questions and answers about the lottery

Lotto: This is how the game works

You can play Lotto 6aus49 online at and with game tickets play. They can be purchased at any German lottery and lottery company acceptance point. On the notes you will find twelve fields with 49 numbers each: In each of them you must mark six numbers of your choice. The last digit of the ticket number is your super number. Read here: How do I play the lottery? The most important rules.

Now it’s time to follow the draw, which takes place every Wednesday and Saturday. Six numbers plus one super number are determined through a random process. A win can be achieved with at least two matching winning numbers the more the correct super number can be reached. You will receive the lottery jackpot if the numbers match completely. The odds of winning here are 1:140 million.

In conjunction with Lotto 6aus49 you can also participate in the Additional lotteries Take part in the Game 77, Super 6 and Lucky Spiral. Participation in gambling is only permitted for those aged 18 and over.

Where can I see the current lottery winning numbers?

The winning numbers and odds are announced on, in video text and in other media, including articles by our editorial team.

Lotto 6aus 49, additional lotteries, Glücksspirale: How much does a ticket cost?

The bet for a box in the Lottery is 6aus49 1.20 euros plus the respective state lottery processing fee per ticket. The additional lottery ticket costs 2.50 euros for Jogo 77 and 1.25 euros for participation in Super 6. Participation in Glücksspirale costs five euros.

A full lottery ticket with twelve betting fields costs one total draw 14.40 euros plus the respective state lottery processing fee per ticket. If you select additional draws or lotteries, the stake will increase accordingly.

Lottery: How much can you win?

In the game 6aus49 there is nine award categories – and only in prize category 9 (two correct numbers + super number) is there a fixed probability of six euros. In the other prize categories 8 (three correct numbers) to 1 (six correct numbers + super number), the winning percentage depends on the number of wins in the respective prize category and the payout percentage.

In the game since November 1, 2023 6 of 49 There is no longer a compulsory distribution. Instead, there is a maximum amount of 50 million euros in the first prize category. This means: The jackpot does not continue to increase – even if no player guesses the six correct numbers and the super number.

Lottery Numbers Draw: Where Can I Watch It Live?

Unlike Eurojackpot, there is always a transfer from Lotto 6aus49: The lottery numbers draw can be followed live online at

All statements without warranty.

A warning: The lottery can only be played by people over the age of 18. This also applies to online gambling. People under the age of 18 are not allowed to buy scratch cards or collect winnings. This also applies if you present a customer card or a power of attorney from your parents or legal guardians.

The Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) provides information on gambling addiction and the potential dangers of various games of chance. A self-test “Check your gambling” on your own gambling behavior and advice are also offered.

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