Optimize Riester fund policies: swap bad funds for good ones and increase returns

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Many Riester pension insurers invest in funds. Savers can choose from several funds where some of their money goes. The performance of individual funds can be extremely different. Therefore, it is important to make the right selection.

Our fund experts developed the Riester optimizer for this purpose. To do this, they regularly examine more than 1,800 investment funds from Riester insurance companies and filter out the funds that are suitable for your insurance.

Tip. You can find out for free whether your policy is included in our investigation Test results to check.

Why our Riester optimizer is worth it for you

In our test

With Riester fund insurance you can choose between different funds. We regularly examine more than 1,800 investment funds offered by Riester insurance companies.

The best fund for your rate

Our Riester optimizer names the best funds from the insurer’s offer for many Riester tariffs. This will help you work out which funds are best for your Riester pension. We update the database continuously.

The best sustainable fund

Would you like to be sure that your money does not go to armaments, coal, child labor or nuclear energy? Our database also shows the best sustainable fund you can choose as part of your fund policy.

Instructions for changing funds

Our Riester fund experts don’t just show you the best funds for your insurance. They will also tell you what to do if you want to exchange funds from your insurance.

Optimize Riester Fund Policies
Test results for 75 Riester fund policies


More than 1,800 investment funds tested

Our fund experts analyze the fund ranges of Riester fund policies every month and evaluate the funds listed there. Using our database, customers can quickly and easily find out which funds they can use to shape their policy. Only three steps are required.

Step 1 – Check the Riester optimizer. The database currently offers fund recommendations for 75 Riester fund policies. Take a look at our Test resultswhether your policy funds are included.

Step 2 – See recommendation. After activation, you can determine which fund Finanztest recommends to optimize the specific policy. We recommend the best classic funds for your rate and – if available – also the best sustainable funds.

The best funds for your plan are not automatically funds that perform very well in our financial test rankings. Not all insurers offer funds that we rate highly. For your guidance, you will also find out how the best fund in your plan performed Financial Test Assessment deposits and how high it is Degree of sustainability in sustainable funds it really is.

Step 3 – Request an exchange of funds. Then you need to contact your insurance company and exchange the bad funds in your policy for better ones. The exchange usually costs nothing.

Who our optimizer helps

The optimizer is for existing customers only. It shows how they make the most of their fund-based Riester pension insurance. It is not suitable for new customers looking for a good contract to sign a new contract. It is also not intended for savers with a Riester fund savings plan.

Our Fund Policy Optimizer Helps Savers
– who have already subscribed to Riester pension insurance and
– whose pension insurance, at least part of the savings contribution, goes to investment funds.

The insurer’s fund recommendation is often not the best recommendation

More than four million savers have so far opted for fund-linked pension insurance, in which contributions, subsidies and surpluses partially flow into investment funds. Depending on the contract, insurance companies invest more or less money in funds.

The larger the fund’s investment, the more important it is for clients to choose the right funds. The original recommendation of suppliers or brokers when concluding a contract is not always the best choice – we see this again and again in letters from readers.

Dare to do more with Riester pension insurance

We recommend using unit-linked Riester pension insurance capital funds up to approximately five years before the end of the term. With Riester fund policies, part of the balance is already in safe, generally interest-bearing investments, such as government bonds, which a client cannot influence. With this part of the investment, the supplier mainly guarantees the Riester guarantee. It stipulates that at least the sum of contributions and subsidies still exists at the end of the savings phase.

Given that the guarantee of a Riester fund policy already provides a certain level of security, clients should be more risk averse when choosing funds and opt for equity funds where they can expect the best possible performance.

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