Outpatient care service: checklist for selection

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Do outpatient service ratings help with selection?

The range of outpatient care services is almost overwhelming. In addition to non-profit organizations, there are several private providers. All outpatient care services must by law be checked once a year by the Medical Service (MD). The results of audits of outpatient care services are published on the Internet on the pages of nursing insurance funds as so-called Transparency Reports published according to a uniform scheme “with school grades”.

However, it is now clear that the nursing grading system for ambulatory care and nursing home services, which was introduced a few years ago, often does not provide a differentiated and meaningful assessment of the quality of facilities and services. It is because good and very good grades on less important criteria can compensate for low grades on important criteria. Therefore, the quality assessment and presentation system must be changed with scientific support. A new quality representation system is planned for the end of 2024.

For Asylum There have been the first publications on quality of care according to a new system since 2020. The quality control system for nursing services is currently under review. To this end, scientists are verifying the practicality of a new method for measuring the quality of nursing services.

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