Selena Gomez Is Finally Dressing Like the CEO She Is

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Written By Paklay Zablay

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Selena Gomez has spent the past few months dressing like a SHE-E-O. That is, someone who expresses real moxie in both the boardroom and the wardrobe. Imagine if Mark Zuckerberg started wearing stretch Coperni dresses, for example…or if Elon Musk started wearing Cardi B’s Y/Project thigh-highs. Which makes sense: Gomez is not just the most followed entertainer on Instagram, she’s also the founder of Rare Beauty and Wondermind, with investments in ice-cream firm Serendipity.

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And so, she is wearing snake-effect trench coats, crystal-encrusted Valentino blazers, archival Versace minis and floor-scraping leather coats—all of which telegraph a sense of new-age power dressing, sending up a distress signal that says, “I do not suffer fools gladly!” Yesterday afternoon, the musician-turned-entrepreneur wore a Miu Miu micro-skirt suit with an outsized, bulwark-shouldered woollen coat from The Frankie Shop. She looked as though she was going to slam a Lever Arch file on some intern’s desk and then march off with a bleeping pager—an old fashioned phone—in hand.

In other words, Selena Gomez is Blackberry Dressing. See also: Sofia Richie Grainge in her Elle Woods pantsuit, Kendall Jenner in her vintage Galliano, and Hailey Bieber in her “sexy secretary” kitten heels. It’s a sea change from Gomez’s previous relationship with fashion—which often felt a little more twee, a little more prom queen—advanced by her new stylist Erin Walsh, who she started working with in 2023. As evidenced in her recent Instagram clapbacks, Selena Gomez is done with playing the vulnerable sweetheart, because she is “one in a billion, baby, don’t you agree?”

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This article first appeared on British Vogue.


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