Set up your TV correctly: have more fun watching football

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Football fans can simply improve their television image – to enjoy the game even more at home. Don’t be afraid to tinker with your TV settings! Go boldly into the menu, you can’t break anything, but you can guarantee a great football experience. You can return to the basic television settings at any time. If you already have individual settings, write down the previous values ​​before adjusting them – so you can easily restore your normal image if necessary.

1. Fluid image: This means the ball flies smoothly

Irregular rallies, fast sprints – fast movements should look fluid on television and not jerky. To do this, televisions calculate intermediate images. Many televisions offer convincing moving picture optimization, but not all.

Tip: If the picture flickers, you can usually optimize it yourself in the TV menu. Motion image optimization has different names depending on the provider; the word “movement” is often used. Choose an average value; a high value can produce annoying artifacts, especially in slower scenes – for example, blocks or blurred edges.

2. Brighter screen: see everything even in daylight

There is often still glare during football broadcast hours in the summer. On some televisions – especially cheaper ones – the image is harder to see in bright environments.

Tip: Increase screen brightness. On LCD TVs, this can be done by increasing the backlight through the menu – some providers also use the English term “backlight”. For OLED televisions, the corresponding menu items are called “OLED Pixel Brightness”, “Panel Brightness” or similar. However, the most effective way is to darken the room.

We assess “suitability for bright environments”. TV Test, Football fans can pay attention to this when buying a new television. Important: Our judgment refers to internal use. If you set the device up for a little “public viewing” outdoors, you won’t see much, even on models rated Very Good.

3. Recognize details: track the ball and the player better

Turbo-fast movements and shuffles in the penalty area – you can hardly keep up while watching. Where is the ball and which team captured it? It’s often easier to follow the game if you opt for the best image quality and optimize the image – at least temporarily – according to your needs.

Tip: If you significantly increase the color saturation in the TV menu for the football game, you will get bright colors. This doesn’t always look pretty, but it helps differentiate the jerseys and teams. The white ball can also be seen better. It is useful to increase the brightness a little, as this brings more luminosity to the image.

Feel free to move closer to the screen; you no longer run the risk of “square eyes”. The rule used to be that the bigger the television, the greater the distance between the seats. The resolution is now so high that you can sit very close to the screen and see a clear image. To get a good overview, viewers must maintain enough distance to see the entire screen at once.

Before purchase

The bigger the TV, the better for watching football. This makes it easier to track the ball or recognize the name on the player’s jersey. But be careful: in the store, devices often seem smaller than at home, where some quickly become oversized. Before purchasing, use a ruler to measure how much space the new television would take up. It often helps to cut a piece of cardboard to the appropriate size and hold it against the wall.

4. Pump up the sound: Connect external speakers

The stadium is cooking and the television is broadcasting noisy goulash: not all devices have good sound. However, a moderate tone can be easily improved.

Tip: Connect your amplifier stereo system or one Soundbar to television, which creates a stadium atmosphere. The sound can also be spiced up with a decent Bluetooth box – hassle-free and wireless if the television is Bluetooth enabled. The batteries of the Bluetooth boxes from our test last up to 51 hours. If your box breaks at the time of starting the game, it can be operated via cable if necessary.

5. Optimize viewing angles: Good visibility – even from the edge of the sofa

Friends gather around the TV and watching together is fun. To see the image clearly from the side, the television must have a wide viewing angle. When you look at the screen from a certain angle, the contrast often decreases and the colors change. We deliver to each of us tested TV set Viewing angle test results.

Tip: If your television’s viewing angle isn’t ideal, there’s only one thing that can help: sit further away from the set. This way, more people will be able to sit in the middle of the screen.

Do you prefer a projector? Is as Current projectors in testinganother Direct comparison between projector and television – as an aid to decision-making.

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