Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Reportedly Flew to LA for the ‘Most Notoriously Exclusive’ Oscars After-Party

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Taylor Swift truly is everywhere. After performing her final Singapore concert on March 9, Swift and boyfriend Travis Kelce reportedly flew straight to Los Angeles for an Oscars after-party but not just any Oscars after-party.

According to People, the pair attended talent manager Guy Oseary’s annual soirée, which was sponsored by Gucci and cohosted by Madonna at Oseary’s home in Beverly Hills. Known in Hollywood as just “the party,” Vogue describes the event as “Oscar night’s most notoriously exclusive after-party.”

Somehow the same pair that were “helicoptered” on their recent Australian Zoo date managed to arrive at the party without getting snapped by paparazzi. “They were on the patio and in great moods. She had a very happy, giant smile,” one anonymous party guest told People. “He was protective of her and she was delightful and glowing—they seemed very happy together and loving the night.”

What’s not to love? According to Vogue, each guest went home with custom monogrammed travel duffels from Gucci’s new Valigeria Fluo collection. Other attendees allegedly included Lily Gladstone, Jennifer Lawrence, Billie Eilish, and Austin Butler, to name a few, though there was a strict no-cameras policy in place. There was, however, a Vogue photographer on hand to capture portraits, which can be seen here. Unfortunately, Kelce and Swift did not take part.

Swift and Kelce also skipped the actual Academy Awards ceremony, though the pop star’s presence was felt throughout the night. Not only did the broadcast feature an ad spot for the extended Eras Tour film streaming on Disney+, but Emma Stone also slipped a “Bigger Than the Whole Sky” reference into her best-actress acceptance speech.

And while Taylor Swift is bound to be feeling some jet lag right about now, she does have a couple months off before the Eras Tour picks back up in Paris on May 9. “Just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who traveled and put so much effort into being at our shows,” Swift wrote on Instagram following her final Singapore performance. “What an unforgettable way to end this leg of the tour!! See you in May when we get back to the Eras Tour!! In the meantime I’ve got an album to release… 🤍✍️”

The Tortured Poets Department comes out on April 19. Hopefully, the album release party won’t have a no-cameras policy.

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