The 2024 fitness trend for men will be gigantic BUTTS, predict exercise experts

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  •  It’s not just aesthetics, men are strengthening glutes for sports performance
  •  More men are wearing figure-hugging clothes and want their butt to look good
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When it comes to desirable female aesthetics, we are very much in the big butt era. 

The ample assets of celebrities like the Kardashian sisters and rapper Cardi B have popularized the big behind look – leading to surging demand for treatments like fat injections to accentuate the buttocks.

And now it seems the trend has spread across genders. Men are increasingly seeking the same look, according to fitness and fashion insiders.

They say the pandemic was a turning point – men developed a liking for the way their body looked and felt in sportswear. 

This is why demand for slim, figure-hugging pants is up by 55 percent since 2021, according to men’s fashion brand Rhone.

American men are increasingly interested in pursuing a larger butt, much like the trend for women that has grown over the past decade

‘Guys now expect their work pants to fit and move the same way their gym clothes do,’ according to Ben Checketts, cofounder and creative director of the company.

Checketts told Men’s Health that their increasingly popular slim ‘commuter pants’ take design cues from athletic shorts that ‘flatter, not flatten, the glutes’.

‘We use four-way-stretch materials with no bunching, no diaper butt.’

 Fitness experts have also spoken of the trend. 

‘More guys are looking to build the strength and size of their glutes now,’ fitness expert and Olympic trainer Gareth Sapstead.

‘You can hide a lack of abs, but you can’t hide if you have a pancake butt!’ 

But he says it’s not just about aesthetics – there is an increasing awareness among male gym-goers of the myriad benefits of strengthening the glute muscles.

‘Men are increasingly aware that strengthening their glutes can help them crush 5Ks and dominate pickup basketball,’ said Sapstead.

‘If you suffer from a cranky lower back, then one of the best things you can do is focus on strengthening your glutes through different exercises, patterns, and range of motion.’

Reality star Kim Kardashian is known for outfits displaying her ample butt

Reality star Kim Kardashian is known for outfits displaying her ample butt

Meanwhile on TikTok, thousands upon thousands of gym-going men post videos to show off their ample booty. 

Others demonstrate the precise fitness routine that has resulted in their toned, large butt.

In order to beef up the glute muscles fitness pros recommend a mixture of exercises that work all three groups in that area – the maximus, medius, and minimus. 

This includes gip thrusts with weights – whereby you balance a barbell on your lap and thrust the hips upward, while lying on the floor. 

Lunging and squatting with weights are also useful – as are stepping up on a block while holding a heavy weight. 

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