The 5 Best Skin Care Products You Can Buy at Costco, According to a Dermatologist

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Costco—the biggest-box store, if you will—is a treasure trove of great deals. In one trip, you can save on a 10-pack of socks, bags of frozen fruit the size of your torso, and what seems like a lifetime supply of toilet paper. One of the wholesale giant’s lesser-known bulk offerings: High-quality skin care. Yep, Costco also stocks a bunch of dermatologist darlings from brands like CeraVe and Neutrogena—at prices you probably won’t find at CVS.

So the next time you’re perusing those extra-wide aisles while snacking on free tortilla chip samples, consider adding these picks from board-certified dermatologist Fatima Fahs, MD, to your cart. Not only can they save you money, Dr. Fahs says, but their derm-approved ingredients prove that you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice quantity for quality.

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If you struggle with flaky or rough skin, Dr. Fahs recommends giving this affordable lotion a try, since it’s super moisturizing—thanks to hydrating ingredients like glycerin (a humectant that attracts water to the skin). “This product also contains 12% lactic acid to hydrate and exfoliate,” Dr. Fahs says, meaning that it gently “turns over” dead, dull skin cells and replaces them with new, healthier ones, as SELF previously reported. This process, can brighten your complexion, fade dark spots, and even out your skin’s texture, she adds.

You can apply it all over your body, but Dr. Fahs says it’s especially helpful for persistently dry areas, like flaky winter legs and the heels of your feet.

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“I particularly love this product for people who want a lightweight, non-greasy finish or those who struggle with acne or oiliness,” Dr. Fahs says. This cream is fragrance-free and contains hyaluronic acid, a derm-favorite ingredient that can hydrate your face without causing irritation, which is great for acne-prone folks, she explains.

“It goes on smooth and dries down very quickly,” leaving you with a more matte, rather than shiny, look, Dr. Fahs adds. And while you can also find this gentle moisturizer at retailers like Ulta and Target (where it costs around $24-$28), you can get two full-size containers for only $35 at Costco, she points out.

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First of all, this lotion is packed with ceramides, a gold standard ingredient for strengthening the skin barrier, as well as hyaluronic acid (which, again, draws water in). Not to mention, it’s fragrance-free and formulated with non-comedogenic (or non-pore-clogging) ingredients, making it safe to use on your body and face.

“This moisturizer is great for head-to-toe hydration, especially for anyone with eczema,” Dr. Fahs says. “But what makes it a fantastic pick at Costco is that it comes in a two-pack that includes a pump, so dispensing it is super easy for anyone who hates sticking their hands directly into the container.”

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Petrolatum, or the main (and only) ingredient in Vaseline, is a versatile skin care superhero that seemingly does it all: Along with moisturizing dry patches, it can relieve painfully chapped lips and remove makeup, too. So instead of settling for (and constantly repurchasing) a tiny jar from the drugstore, why not snag two giant, 13-ounce containers for only $16?


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