The Best Home Cleaning and Care Products of 2024

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One tester said: “This Tide gets the job done in every sense: My clothes are clean and smell fresh, but not like they were doused in something with a distinct ‘laundry scent.’”

Swash HE Ultra-Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent

Swash® Laundry Detergent

HE Ultra-Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent

Why we love it: If you’re sick of dealing with sticky measuring caps and messy guesswork when doing laundry, let us introduce you to this Swash product, which measures out pre-portioned doses of detergent for you. All you have to do is turn the bottle upside down, squeeze, and the exact amount you need for one load will dispense.

One tester said: “You know how a lot of the products on Shark Tank are aiming to ‘fix’ an everyday problem? Like, ‘What if you didn’t have to do Y every time you X?’ Well, this really, truly felt like one of those. This detergent is so satisfying, really—and makes me want to do more laundry.”

Babyganics 3x Laundry Detergent


3x Laundry Detergent

Why we love it: Babyganics’ detergent is formulated without sulfates and fragrances, which can be irritating for babies (or anyone with sensitive skin!). It doesn’t skimp on cleaning power, either—testers say it gets rid of just about every bodily fluid.

One tester said: “We’ve been using this for my six-month-old daughter’s clothes since the day she came home from the hospital, and she’s never had a skin issue. I’ve also been so impressed with its stain-removing capabilities.”

Bissell Cleanview XR Pet 300W Stick Vacuum


Cleanview® XR Pet 300W Stick Vacuum

Why we love it: Anyone living with dogs, cats, or other furry friends understands the seemingly impossible struggle of digging pet hair out of couches, rugs, and other home textiles. Lucky for you, this Bissell vacuum has a specialized brush that is designed to suck up every last bit of fur, dander, and dust.

One tester said: “Cleaning the floors used to leave me a sweaty, tired mess—but now that this glorious little vacuum is in my life, I feel like I’ve found a cheat code. I use it every week, and the biggest difference by far is how well it cleans my rug, which always ends up full of dog hair.”

SharkNinja Cordless Detect Pro Auto-Empty System with QuadClean Multi-Surface Brushroll


Cordless Detect Pro™ Auto-Empty System with QuadClean™ Multi-Surface Brushroll

Why we love it: A vacuum that empties itself? Count us in. This SharkNinja marvel does the dirty work for you, literally: Put it back in its dock after use and the dustbin will automatically unload its contents into a small compartment at the bottom of said dock. One tester says she’s been using this product nearly daily for two months, and hasn’t needed to empty the bin yet. (Though she tried it out and confirmed it’s super easy when you do eventually need to do it, and way more efficient than emptying your vacuum after every clean.)

One tester said: “This is impressively sleek (dare I say pretty?), high-tech, and COOL. It’s just fun to use! I noticed just how much it picks up after ONE use in ONE room—it surprised me how much was suctioned up so quickly.”

V12 Detect Slim V12 Detect Slim


V12 Detect Slim Vacuum

Why we love it: A longtime SELF favorite, Dyson’s V12 Detect Slim is an investment that truly pays off. It’s lightweight, has a long battery life, doesn’t require you to hold the button down to operate it (not a given with stick vacs), and is long-hair-household-friendly.


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