TikTok Says Tall Uggs Will Be the Next It-Boots of 2024

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Written By Paklay Zablay

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After at least three years of staring at Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and your everyday LA cool-girl wearing the Ugg Ultra Mini Platform Boot, I finally pulled the trigger.

On December 9, I found a fresh pair of chestnut beauties in my size and determined that yes, I can justify the $140 price tag because I will likely wear them every day to write articles like these in the coffee shop down the street from my own Los Angeles apartment. I started running through outfits in my head, concluding they’d go perfectly with my wide-leg jeans, cream Comfrt sweatsuit, and the basic black workout leggings and chunky sock combo I wear more than anything else in my closet.

Gigi Hadid in September 2022.

Pierre Suu

Keke Palmer in September 2022.

Ilya S. Savenok

Blake Lively in October 2023.


Kendall Jenner in January 2023.


Plus, I had about $80 of credit at Artizia that I needed to spend…So what if the large platform soles were significantly heavier than I imagined and slip a bit in the back? I felt great about my new Emu Australia Platform Micro boots (Uggs are perpetually sold out and, according to my research, Emu may have them beat on quality). Based on cost-per-wear, they’re probably my best purchase of the year—and yes, I figured out how to walk in them.

So imagine my surprise when I scrolled through TikTok the other night and saw this:

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“Tall Uggs are the next cool-girl Ugg,” declared Casey Lewis on TikTok—and she wasn’t alone. Esther Povitsky, a comedian who built her TikTok platform as the “Jane Goodall of Hot Girls”—which sounds like a bit, but feels very accurate—said the same in an interview with Variety.

“Tall Uggs are a big thing that’s coming that people are not going to be ready for, for sure. Like, RIP Ultra-Mini Uggs,” Povitsky said. “We’re shifting back to tall Uggs. I think if you want to get a hot girl a gift this season, an Ugg-related gift, the Tall Boot is really where you want to go. Everyone’s already cycled through the Slip-Ons and Ultra-Minis.”

Oh. Suddenly, I couldn’t escape the tall Ugg predictions on my FYP—and was filled with internal rage that I hadn’t kept my Bailey Button Uggs from, like, 2006. “Gen Z has found out about the Tall Ugg,” said TikTok user @fairybonessucks said, pointing out that this may lead to the great skinny jean resurgence. I mean, they are the easiest pant to fit into those things.


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