Toothpaste tested: good toothpastes – even without titanium dioxide

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You can spend up to 12 euros on a tube of toothpaste – or just 65 cents. Our tests show that among the best toothpastes there are also very cheap ones. And it’s not just worth comparing the price. There is also a wide variety when it comes to grades. The test winners are very good, the worst toothpastes are bad.

Our database contains Test results for 69 toothpastes. With the latest study from Stiftung Warentest 21 sensitive toothpastes recently added, the other folders are from previous tests and are available unchanged.

Why the toothpaste test is worth it for you

Test results

The database contains Quality reviews for 69 toothpastes. Products from Aldi, Lidl, dm and Rossmann are included, as well as well-known brands such as Colgate, Odol-med 3, Oral-B, Elmex, Sensodyne and Perl Weiss. Prices vary between 65 cents and 12 euros per tube and grades range from very good to bad.

The best toothpaste for you

You can filter the test results according to your needs: Which toothpastes are particularly effective at removing discoloration? What are certified natural cosmetics? Which sensitive toothpastes for pain-sensitive teeth performed best? Our respective filters quickly show you what interests you.

Quality, safety and sustainability

In the free section of this article, we explain whether the common ingredients fluoride, titanium dioxide, and zinc are necessary for dental care and whether they can cause harm. After activation, you will also discover which toothpaste tubes are easy to recycle.

Magazine article in PDF

If you activate the toothpaste test, you will also receive the PDFs of the toothpaste test reports from our test magazine.

Toothpaste in the test
Test results for 69 toothpastes


Fluoride in toothpaste prevents cavities

Although numerous high-quality studies prove the protective effect against tooth decay, some suppliers do not add fluoride. But the fear of fluoride is unfounded: it is not harmful in the quantities normally absorbed when brushing.

Tip: You can filter the toothpastes in the test specifically according to the type of fluoride, among other things. Amine, tin and sodium fluoride are very suitable for cavity prevention. Even before activation, you can see the table contents – e.g. all products tested.

Three types: universal, sensitive and whitening toothpastes

If you stand in front of the toothpaste shelf, you’ll typically find three types to choose from in the huge array of tubes: universal toothpaste, sensitive toothpaste, and teeth-whitening toothpaste.

  • Universal toothpastes provide standard care for normal teeth. They generally promise positive effects for teeth, gums and, most importantly, protection against cavities. A good universal toothpaste is suitable for almost all teeth.
  • Sensitive toothpastes They are specifically intended for people with pain-sensitive teeth. The problem affects around one in four Germans. In our most recent test, we have 21 sensitive toothpastes checked.
  • Whitening toothpastes are intended to whiten teeth. Much of its effectiveness against yellow teeth depends on removing stains. Some universal folders also do this reliably – and are sometimes cheaper. Some whitening and universal pastes contain the dye Blue Covarine, which makes teeth appear less yellow in the short term. In the table you can see which toothpaste contains this substance. All whitening toothpastes tested.

Tip: You can find out what whitens teeth the most and which remedies for yellow teeth are most harmful in our Frequently Asked Questions White Teeth.

Also works without titanium dioxide

Many manufacturers paint their folders white with the pigment titanium dioxide. But the material fell into disrepute. It has been banned in food across the EU since August 2022 – as it can damage genetic material if it enters the body through the gastrointestinal tract (details in Titanium Dioxide FAQ).

Toothpaste can be swallowed while brushing and titanium dioxide is unnecessary for dental care, which is why Stiftung Warentest recommends toothpastes without the pigment for preventative consumer protection reasons. The current test of 21 sensitive toothpastes includes five products that still contain titanium dioxide. We see this critically. You can therefore consult our results – including from previous studies – in a targeted manner Toothpastes without titanium dioxide filter.

Toothpaste for children

It reveals which toothpastes best protect baby teeth from tooth decay Children’s toothpaste test the Stiftung Warentest. Children aged six and over who already have their first permanent teeth can use junior toothpastes – they contain more fluoride than children’s toothpastes for baby teeth and have a mild taste. But it is also possible reliable universal toothpastesif they are not too spicy for you.

Toothpaste test: abrasion is also crucial

Many consumers want to use toothpaste to remove unsightly discolorations caused by coffee, black tea, or cigarettes. Whitening toothpastes, in particular, offer hope for this. Depending on the amount, size, shape and type of cleaning material added, toothpastes have different levels of abrasion. We determine abrasion in the laboratory.

Low or very low abrasion is recommended for exposed tooth necks and pain-sensitive teeth. Sensitive toothpastes should offer this. But our current test shows: not everyone cleans carefully. And some pastes effectively remove discoloration even with low abrasion. In our database, toothpastes can be filtered according to the intensity of abrasion, as well as the classification for “discoloration removal”.

Tip: The toothbrush also plays an important role. Our Testing electric toothbrushes shows suitable products. we have too Dental floss and interdental brushes like this Mouthwashes tested.

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