Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet’s Matching Red-Carpet Moment Is Finally Here

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Written By Paklay Zablay

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A moment too for the man of the hour. Nope, not Law Roach, who told British Vogue that he crept into the Mugler archives and stole that fembot armour, but Timothée Chalamet, who has so far taken a back seat on the press tour: In Korea, however, he complemented Zendaya in a gray-blue Juun.J one-piece. While musings about fashion misses have, for the most part, dominated conversations about Chalamet, how does one even compete with an “image architect,” who persuades brands to lend him original archive pieces rather than remaking them, as is the case with so many “vintage” looks? And the actor’s having the grace to let his costar, whom he calls a “superpower actor,” shine is one of the classiest statements to make. We see you, Timothée, in that his-and-hers leather. May this pave the way for more collaboration to come.

This article first appeared on British Vogue.


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