Zendaya Is Mother(board) In Her Latest Dune Look

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Written By Paklay Zablay

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When it comes to sci-fi chic, Zendaya is on a whole other level. You might even say she’s on a whole other planet. (Get it?). Every look from the Dune: Part 2 press tour has been more spectacular than the last, and the space-agey gray skirt suit she wore to the movie’s premiere in Seoul, South Korea on February 22 was no exception.

Han Myung-Gu/Getty Images

Despite its distinctly futuristic vibe, Zendaya’s pencil skirt and blazer set is actually vintage Givenchy. The structured shoulders and mock-turtleneck collar are evocative of The Jetsons. The red, laser-cut geometric pattern, meanwhile, reminds me of a computer motherboard or else something you might find in Wakanda.

Really leaning into the whole intergalactic thing, Zendaya styled her hair in a sleek bun, with two long braided pieces left loose on either side of her face. To finish the look, Z wore sheer black tights under her slim skirt, and added a pair of black Louboutins.

Han Myung-Gu/Getty Images


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