Brown tick: is it dangerous for the dog and the owner?

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Is the brown tick dangerous for dogs?

The tick transmits pathogens known from the Mediterranean region, which cause diseases such as Ehrlichiosis and Babesiosis – the so-called “canine malaria”. These can be very dangerous for dogs. Affected animals generally require lifelong treatment.

Can the brown dog tick be dangerous to humans?

If the host, i.e. the dog, is no longer sufficient as a food source for the growing tick population, the tick also switches to humans. So far, neither TBE nor Lyme pathogens have been detected in the brown dog tick, but it can transmit other diseases. Dogs can become seriously ill, but Mediterranean spotted fever can also be transmitted to people.

What to do if you have brown ticks in your home?

Katrin Fachet from the parasitology department University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart advises, in case of infestation, to consult experts familiar with this type of tick – for example, the University of Hohenheim. Incorrect measures could make the situation even worse – with a much greater risk to the health of humans and animals. It is important to take the dog to the vet and, if necessary, have the apartment cleaned by an exterminator.

The tick species probably already exists in Germany

Until now, experts assumed that these ticks were picked up by dogs during holidays abroad and brought to Germany on their fur. This is also the case – but not in all cases. “Specimens were also found in dogs that had never left the farm,” says parasitologist Ute Mackenstedt from the University of Hohenheim. “This is an indication that the species can survive here.”

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