Care aids for consumption: you must know these rules

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What should I present to the nursing insurance fund?

Absent Level of care 1st, you also have the right to use nursing assistants without the need to present a medical prescription. There are two ways to obtain these care assistants:

  1. You can buy the care products yourself, for example in a pharmacy. Upon request, you will receive reimbursement of expenses up to 40 euros per month. You can apply informally to the nursing care insurance fund or use a nursing care insurance fund form, which is often already available online. The application must be signed by you or an authorized person/supervisor.
  2. You can commission a provider (pharmacy, medical supply store or similar) to provide you with the necessary supplies. However, the provider must be a contractual partner of your nursing care insurance fund. You can find a suitable contractual partner by phone or easily find them on the respective website of your nursing care fund. According to the new regulation, the selected provider is obliged to advise you so that you receive care exactly in line with your needs. The provider must provide evidence of this advice and send it to the nursing care insurance company together with the application.

As soon as the application has been received by the nursing care insurance fund, it will be checked there. Approval is granted directly for a longer period – so you do not have to submit an application every month.

If you purchased your own care supplies, you will now need to provide proof of your expenses to receive the subsidy. This can be receipts from purchases of nursing supplies. You will then receive the money back.

Once you’ve chosen a provider, you’ll receive a monthly delivery of care supplies. The provider will do the rest for you and bill your insurance company for the care. In this case, you should still check in from time to time to make sure you’re getting the products you need. You may receive items that need to be stored away and others that you no longer need. Then you can switch.

How do I respond to unsolicited calls from providers?

We are currently receiving more reports on thisCare box providers specifically contact people in need of care and offer care boxes without being asked. The affected people will then receive a letter informing them that the provider will now submit a claim to the nursing care insurance fund. Often there is already a delivery of products that were not chosen by the affected people themselves.

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