Home comfort in old age – this is how digital helpers help the elderly at home

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Automatic light, clean floors and always fresh air – conveniently controlled from the sofa. Digital assistance systems make everyday life easier for older people.

The essentials in summary:

  • Good light increases safety, puts you in a good mood and gives structure to your day.
  • Windows and doors can be opened and closed conveniently using a chip, transponder or your fingertip.
  • Vacuum robots make cleaning easier and search assistants locate lost keys.
  • Smart TVs and digital refrigerators think about the future.

Automatic light control

Automatic lighting control increases safety and brightens the mood.

As you age, your vision decreases and it becomes more difficult to see carpet edges or steps in the dark. Create a remedy Orientation lights for the socket. They turn on and off via a motion detector or brightness sensor. Remotely controlled LED strips are suitable for marking steps.

Bright spotlights make it easier for you to work at your desk or in the kitchen, but at night your soul needs soft, atmospheric light. Modern LED lights offer multiple color spectrums and brightness levels and can be controlled using a remote control.

One is particularly recommended for the elderly lightingwhich depends on the course of the day or the Adjusts biorhythm (circadian light control):

  • brighter and cooler light in the morning,
  • much warmer, fainter in the evening.

This particularly helps people suffering from dementia to structure their day.

It wins points when it comes to automatically controlling lighting Smart home technology: The light sources are interconnected in a network via radio. You control it from your tablet or smartphone outside of. Many systems also integrate heating or shutter switching. The prerequisite for this is a stable home network and, depending on how it works, also a reliable Internet connection.

“Light off!” on voice command

If you want to keep up with the times, go ahead Operation of light sources one voice control into the home: However, these voice assistance systems work through a cloud. Pay attention to this Data protection!

Open doors or close windows – with the touch of a finger

It also works without a key. Today, the front door opens with a chip or transponder, similar to a hotel. Advantage: If you lose, just have the chip “blocked”; a new one costs less than 20 euros; If desired, you can also hang a device near the door that displays your Fingerprint recognizes and thus granted access to the house.

It is very comfortable when… Automatically close window and open. The engine runs through Remote Control go if one integrated clock gives the command or as soon as a sensor detects that it is raining – ideal for skylights. Also smart blinds regulate your attitude on your own. So that they are not damaged during storms, they also open automatically.

It controls in a very modern way Smart Home all Switches, locks and sensors. Example: When leaving the house, all the windows close, the lights go out and the heating turns off. Attention: If you control window and door locking systems over the Internet, make sure you have a secure connection.

Where’s my key? Smart search aids will find you again

This sometimes happens to everyone: your car keys, glasses case or wallet are missing, looking for them takes a lot of time and nerves. Here prove yourself Key Finder (English: Keyfinder) like saving angels for around 15 euros: mini receivers that hang on the keychain and emit a beep when you press the transmitter button. Receivers are also available in EC card format for your wallet.

Both devices communicate via Bluetooth, that is, without an internet connection. Ranges of around 60 to 100 meters are common.

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