Pamela Anderson’s #1 Beauty Tip Is Simple But Genius

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Written By Rivera Claudia

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Pamela Anderson has been getting a lot of attention lately for her make-up-free face, and we’re happy to report that her skin care habits—and overall beauty philosophy—are just as refreshing.

In a Glamour interview published Wednesday, the Baywatch star, 56, revealed her “biggest beauty tip”—a so-smart hack that’s especially helpful for anyone who doesn’t have the time, energy, or desire to commit to a 10-step routine. “Put things where you will use them, like your rose hydration spray in the fridge, anywhere where you open up a door,” Anderson said. “I’m not really a big regimen person where I’m sitting over the sink and applying all these different steps. I like to keep things in my purse…because we do have to take care of our skin, but we can make it easier.”

Another piece of beauty advice Anderson stands by: “Just be you.” It sounds cliché and it’s easier said than done, she acknowledged (calling it the “hardest job in the world”). But at the end of the day, she added, “wearing the perfect eyeliner isn’t going to make somebody like you more than the next person who doesn’t have it on.”

That’s part of the reason why Anderson decided to forgo makeup altogether during that viral au naturel Paris Fashion Week moment. “I was sitting at these fashion shows,” she recalled. “And I thought, Am I going to sit in a makeup chair for three hours? Are they going to like me more?” Then, an epiphany hit her: “I went, No one’s even going to notice.”

Today, Anderson said her goal is to continue living authentically—and hopefully inspire others in the process. “Just being more self-accepting and embracing who I am right now is very healthy, and it’s opened the floodgates and been such a breath of fresh air,” she said. “Because I’m in the public eye, it’s important to make more thoughtful choices.”

As for what the future holds, Anderson isn’t really sure. “I don’t know what my next look or incarnation is going to be,” she told Glamour. What she does know: She wants to welcome aging as best she can—and have fun with it.

“We’re getting older no matter what. Things change, and if you can find a sense of humor in it, it’s better,” Anderson said. “It’s hard too—coming from not a beauty background—to be looked at [in] a certain way, objectified in some ways. It’s good to have a sense of self and to be able to be your own best friend.”



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