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But the disadvantage of active leisure, sports and vacations can be injuries and illnesses. A homeopathic first aid kit and corresponding manual should therefore be taken with you when traveling.

Minor acute illnesses and injuries can be easily treated with the help of homeopathic medicines. However, the success of the cure depends on following the rules of homeopathy. If the principle of similarity is not observed, no homeopathic medicine can help. The theory of the method must be understood because it is very different from what most people know in conventional medicine.

Homeopathy, medicine in small doses, does not help much, and a prescription according to the scheme of one tablet three times a day, half a day for children, is of no use. One of the tasks of an advice book is to convey basic information. This should also be expected from books which must be practical and small to be suitable for travel. Therefore, well-structured books provide information about homeopathy and instructions for self-treatment. Most guides are divided into three parts: a theoretical introduction, which also contains general information about dosage and intake, followed by a list of symptoms or illnesses with corresponding medication suggestions, and finally an alphabetical compilation of the medications mentioned with their characteristics.

Many manufacturers of homeopathic medicines who have compiled travel first aid kits in their line make the customer’s life easier. They include a leaflet that explains how to use the remedies and gives a brief introduction to homeopathy. This information is sometimes very detailed, but it is often not very easy to read due to the very small format. But there are also travel first aid kits designed specifically for books.

Travel first aid kits should not contain too many items, otherwise less experienced users will easily become overwhelmed. But the market offers almost all sizes. Spagyros, for example, offers special pharmacies for travel or sports from 12 medicines.

The alternative to the finished product is to set up the pharmacy yourself, preferably with the help of the homeopathic doctor responsible for the treatment. You should especially seek advice if you are being treated for a chronic illness.

Tips to start your vacation off right

Fear before the journey begins

Aconite, Blue Monkshood: Sudden fear that something might go wrong; Disaster panic, affected person restless

Argentum nitricum, silver nitrate: fear of deadlines, may miss flight, train, tram; Those affected in a hurry, but it’s always too soon

Gelsemio, Yellow Wild Jasmine: Travel Fever! Undirected anticipatory anxiety; Affected person shaking, excited, frozen in their actions

Brionia, Bryony: 1 week before departure, if the interested party is worried about having to leave the store, they react with a bad mood.

Nausea when driving

coculus, Kockelgrains: Dizziness when lifting the head during winding driving, torrential vomiting; Tip: keep your head and body still, lie down!

Petroleum: Nausea from driving up and down hills, you choke miserably, a little food eases the pain

Arsenicum album, white arsenic: suffocated to death.

Fear of flying

Inacia, Inácio Beans: If you have an unfounded fear of flying, take about 1 hour before takeoff

Belladonna, Deadly Nightshade: pressure in the ears, pressure in the head, nausea when landing and taking off.

jet lag

Eupatorium perfoliatumWaterhemp: Muscles tired, stiff, bones as if broken

Nux vomica, Nausea: the skull vibrates as if you are hungover, especially when flying into the sun

CoculusKockelkörner: Dizziness caused by staying overnight, especially when flying into the sun.

The following 25 medicines are recommended for a homeopathic first aid kit:

  • Aconitum napellus, blue monk

  • Arsenicum Album, White Arsenic

  • Bellis perennis, daisy

  • Cantharis, Spanish fly

  • Chamomile, true chamomile

  • Eupatorium perfoliatum, volunteer hemp

  • Ferrum phosphoricum, hydrated iron (III) phosphate

  • Hepar sulfuris, liver of lemon and sulfur

  • Lachesis, bushmaster snake venom

  • Phosphorus, yellow phosphorus

  • Pulsatilla, meadow pasqueflower

  • Rhus toxicodendron, poison sumac

  • Staphisagria, St. Stephen’s herb

  • Symphytum, common comfrey

This list must be supplemented by personal means.

Medicines should not be exposed to heat, frost or direct sunlight. Therefore, it is best to store it in a medicine cabinet in a cool place. Traveling in a case. Homeopathic medicines are sensitive to radiation. They should not be stored in the refrigerator or near magnetic fields – such as speakers. Homeopathic medicines must be protected from fluoroscopy when traveling by plane, otherwise they may lose their effectiveness. Medicines must therefore be transported in a plastic bag in hand luggage. The validity period is unlimited; expiration dates cannot be justified based on experience.

Information leaflets contain general information only. They are not specifically possible because there is no indication related to the diagnosis.

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